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06-12-2018 07:35

Ethan Crenson

Hello all, These were found by my friend recently

08-12-2018 15:13

Per Marstad Per Marstad

This was growing on Fagus, 2-3 mm. The spores are

14-11-2018 19:07

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Sur bois mort de feuillu. Apothécies sess

09-12-2018 23:06

Joop van der Lee

Found on cow dung. Fruitbody is covered with tufs

06-12-2018 00:02

Elsa Sousa

Good evening,I need your sharp eyes on this ascos.

11-12-2018 17:31

Peter Püwert Peter Püwert

Can somebody help ? Massee G. et Salmon E. S. (19

11-12-2018 23:18

Iglesias Plácido

Hola amigos, est sortie la revue Errotari de cette

10-12-2018 23:47


Que pensez-vous de cette récolte, faite sur crott

07-12-2018 17:24

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Quelqu'un pourrait-il avoir une copie de ce docume

10-12-2018 12:00

Tanja Böhning Tanja Böhning

Bonjour,   Hier nous avons trouvé encore une p

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Georges Greiff, 19-06-2018 09:34
Found on rotting twigs in wet woodland.

Fruits whitish. about 1.5mm tall and varying in width to about 8mm at the largest. Ascospores approx. 18.2 x 5 microns. Paraphyses seem simple, aseptate, 2.5 wide. Frogot to write down dimensions of asci.. Not a very good description but I was wondering if somebody knows the species as many small ascomycetes have not been documented in my area (Isle of Wight, S England). I thought H. caudatus but the spores do not look right for that.
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Hans-Otto Baral, 19-06-2018 09:44
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Hymenoscyphus?
Dear Georges

are you sure wth a twig or could it be a petiole? This is H. fraxineus, in case the asci arise from croziers, or less probably H. albidus (without croziers).

Rarely H. fraxineus occurs on branches, I made a collection recently, but it was immature (see below). Characteristic is the black base and blackened substrate. In the stipe base occur crystals in these two species.

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Georges Greiff, 19-06-2018 09:54
Re : Hymenoscyphus?
It looked like small twigs but I suppose it could be petioles, which would make more sense. Thank you for your help here - I will see if I can get anywhere finding croziers.