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28-06-2020 16:57

Filip Filip Fuljer Filip Filip Fuljer

Hello,i found 2 days ago on wet soil, on the place

16-05-2019 19:53

Rasmus Riis-Hansen Rasmus Riis-Hansen

HelloI have found this nice Lachnum on last years

27-06-2020 16:26

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola. Ejemplares fotografiados el pasado 14 de jun

27-06-2020 18:02

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

de ayer en bosque de Hayas (Fagus)Ejemplar unicoPi

27-06-2020 13:21

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

I wondered if anyone could help me with this ascom

26-06-2020 20:06

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Par cette chaleur, un petit tour dans un

26-06-2020 08:39

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum, Could anyone help me with this Nectri

25-06-2020 22:46

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

On the bark of a living Acer pseudoplatanus I foun

23-06-2020 12:27

Mirek Gryc

Hi.In a humid place, on the ground, near Salix and

23-06-2020 13:35

Mirek Gryc

Hi.For several years I have met this species growi

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Peziza on wet soil
Filip Filip Fuljer, 28-06-2020 16:57
Filip Filip FuljerHello,

i found 2 days ago on wet soil, on the place where wood was stored some Peziza species.
Locality: Slovakia, Tatranská Javorina, altitude: 925 m.
Under the Picea abies, Fagus sylvatica, Acer pseudoplatanus, Alnus glutinosa trees.
Fruiting bodies broad up to 120mm, dark brown coloured, without milk.
Spores - visibly warted, elipsoid, 14,8-15,8x6,7-8,1µm.
Paraphyses - ends are broader, 5,6-8,8µm.
Asci - 8 spored, 218-264x11,8-12,8µm, uniseriate.

I really dont know which species it should be, possibly P. arvernensis (but P. arvernensis collections are characterized by finely warted spores, so i am really confused about my collection)?

A lot thanks for any suggestions,
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 28-06-2020 17:31
Re : Peziza on wet soil
Dear Filip,
your collection looks like P. coquandii
Filip Filip Fuljer, 28-06-2020 17:50
Filip Filip Fuljer
Re : Peziza on wet soil
Hello Nicolas,

thank you for the help :)