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06-04-2018 10:27

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,would anyone please have some of these paper

18-04-2018 13:34

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello forum,I'm looking for Eriksson O.E. (2014):

18-04-2018 10:12

Vasileios Kaounas Vasileios Kaounas

Found in forest with Fagus and Castanea.Very small

17-04-2018 13:23

Alvarado Cordobes Manuel Alvarado Cordobes Manuel

en excremento de cabraascomas muy pequeños parafi

15-07-2012 10:31

Edit Szilvásy Edit Szilvásy

Dear Forum, Yesterday I found a small blue-green

17-04-2018 15:39

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

With its long hairs just out of one side at the to

17-04-2018 18:44


Je pense avoir trouvé Crocicreas cyathoideum sur

15-04-2018 10:16

Jan-Arne Mentken Jan-Arne Mentken

Good morning everyone,yesterday we found one Cibor

16-04-2018 17:01

Stoykov Dimitar Stoykov Dimitar

Hello, Two days ago I found this interesting euty

16-04-2018 20:44

Alvarado Cordobes Manuel Alvarado Cordobes Manuel

Sobre excremento de conejo silvestre ??Las ascas c

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Literature search (Scutellinia)
Viktorie Halasu, 06-04-2018 10:27
Viktorie HalasuHello,

would anyone please have some of these papers?
Thank you in advance.

Dennis R.W.G. (1970): Fungus flora of Venezuela and adjacent countries. Kew Bulletin Additional Series III: 1-531. -- I'm interested in the part about Scutellinia spp.

Kaushal S.C., Kaushal R., Rawla G.S. (1983): Genus Scutellinia from India, its taxonomy, nomenclature and affinities. Bibliotheca mycologica 91: 583-608.

Gamundí I.J. (1956): El género Scutellinia en la Argentina. Contrib. Cient. Univ. Buenos Aires, Bot. 1: 69-88

Gamundí I.J. (1960): Discomycetes operculados de la Argentina, familias Pezizaceae y Humariaceae. Lilloa 30: 257-338. -- again the part about Scutelinia 
Dartanha Soares, 18-04-2018 14:27
Dartanha Soares
Re : Literature search (Scutellinia)
Here is Scutellinia from Dennis 1970.
Maybe Andrea Romero can get you a copy of the Gamundi papers'. Ask her, she is a wonderful person (email:

good luck
Viktorie Halasu, 18-04-2018 14:41
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Literature search (Scutellinia)
thank you very much. I already have both Gamundí's works, thanks to F. Valade's contacts.