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24-06-2017 23:53

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

A group of four or five Scutellinia were on the mu

05-05-2016 08:26

ACAR ismail ACAR ismail

Hi allClowez, P. 2012. Les morilles. Une nouvelle

23-06-2017 23:41


Bonsoir à tous,Sur branche pourrie, dans une soui

21-06-2017 17:31

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,i found few days ago this Arthrinium sp.

23-06-2017 01:05

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todosOs adjunto unas fotos de unos ascomice

22-06-2017 18:45

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, there's another Mollisia from the same str

21-06-2017 20:48

Bometon Javier Bometon Javier

En hojas de Buxus sempervirens.Ascas 50 - 75 X 5,7

22-06-2017 08:59

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello, I'd like to ask for your help with this Mo

18-06-2017 14:31

Joaquin Martin

Hi,I've found this Ascomycete possibly on branch o

21-06-2017 20:48

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir à tous,J'ai récolté Pyrenopeziza barali

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Scutellinia on mud
Malcolm Greaves, 24-06-2017 23:53
Malcolm  GreavesA group of four or five Scutellinia were on the muddy edge of a run off area of some marshy ground.
They had short pale hairs up to 500 long by 30 wide, simple or bifurcate roots and 4-6 septa. The first few spores looked to have mostly individual warts and were 19-20.5 x 12-14. This lead to a tentative id of S subhirtella.
To make sure about the spore ornamentation I made a spore drop and found that the warts were more amoebic and many of them (without resorting to heating) had the outer wall already loosening. The hairs were unusual shapes.
If I ignore the loose perispore S olivascens is the nearest match but it does not look right for that. Accepting the loose perispore gives S superba or S torrentis and neither of those are a good fit.
Can anyone help.
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René Dougoud, 25-06-2017 09:55
Re : Scutellinia on mud
Cher Collègue,

Je pense à S. superba (Velen.) Le Gal., S. torrentis à des ascospores beucoup plus étroites.



Malcolm Greaves, 25-06-2017 10:39
Malcolm  Greaves
Re : Scutellinia on mud
Thanks René
I was just concerned that the hairs were a bit too long but everthing else fits.
René Dougoud, 25-06-2017 11:18
Re : Scutellinia on mud
Avec les poils, il peut y avoir des variations de longueurs, également dans d'autres genres