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02-12-2021 18:30

Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi, this fall around Ottawa, ON, Canada I found a

03-12-2021 16:37

maurice pelissier maurice pelissier

Bonjour trouvé dans les Hautes Pyrénées sur un

03-12-2021 15:29

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonjour tous An Ascobolus sp. has appeared in som

23-09-2021 13:40

Björn Nordén

Hi all,Does anyone by any chance have The taxonom

02-12-2021 08:10

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,I have here a large Mollisia (approx. 3 mm,

02-12-2021 12:45

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud

I was revising some past identifications and I wis

29-11-2021 17:39

François Bartholomeeusen

Good evening to all,After several microscopic exam

02-12-2021 10:29

Joop van der Lee Joop van der Lee

I am looking for the following documentation:Chala

01-12-2021 20:03

Bometon Javier Bometon Javier

Apotecios de hasta 12mm, copulados de joven, sesil

29-10-2021 20:54

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonsoir tous As part of my study of the fungi occ

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Khomenko Igor, 02-12-2021 18:30
Khomenko IgorHi, this fall around Ottawa, ON, Canada I found a few Calycina species that I couldn't identify or uncertain with id. If someone is familiar with these species and could help, I will be very appreciative.

#1348 - Calycina alni-viridis? - on Populus twig (;

#1338 - Calycina subparilis? -  on hardwood log (;

#1243 - Calycina scolochloae -on Phragmites australis. I almost certain, but I couldn't find any report from North America (;

#1124 - Calycina sp.? - on herbaceous stems (

Thank you,

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Hans-Otto Baral, 02-12-2021 21:23
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Calycina?
Hi Igor

The first could well be alni-viridis, also the second seems to be C. subparilis, yes, the third is Calycina scolochloae, the fourth sounds very interstung, no idea.

For better comparison I would be happy if you send me the images by mail. I see no batch download option, and single is time-consuming.

Khomenko Igor, 02-12-2021 23:14
Khomenko Igor
Re : Calycina?
Thank you very much, Zotto,

I emailed you the pictures.

Hans-Otto Baral, 04-12-2021 12:47
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Calycina?
Now I am processing your finds.

C. alni-viridis seems correct, not very yellow but otherwise o.k. The LBs in the spores appear to vary in size.

C. scolochloae: I see the spores are shorter than what I see. E.g. the sample from Spain (17.I.2016) had spores 12,5-18,5 x 3,5-4,5.

The others later.