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22-05-2024 23:39

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On debarked Fagus I found some small wh

21-05-2024 17:48

Karl Soler Kinnerbäck

Hi all,Could this be Venturioscypha or Venturiocis

21-05-2024 11:33

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) tw

07-11-2018 08:34

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello, could someone send this publication to me

21-05-2024 09:15

Pierre Repellin

Bonjour à tous,L'ouvrage de Björn Wergen: Handbo

21-05-2024 16:12

Thomas Flammer

Substrate: not quite sure, on pluvious stem of a h

21-05-2024 11:13

Ursula Kozik

Hallo und guten Tag, habe eine Frage zur Farbe ei

17-05-2024 16:25

Pavel Jiracek

Erioscyphella lunata, found on a fallen needle of

20-05-2024 21:28

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,Found this Orbilia on a dry, attached twig o

18-05-2024 10:47

Anna Klos

Goodmorning,We found this tiny ascomycete (max. 1m

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Discs with glassy uncinate,hooked hairs
Marc Detollenaere, 22-05-2024 23:39
Marc DetollenaereDear Forum,

On debarked Fagus I found some small white hairy discs. The hairs looked glassy, about 40µ long with large lumen and somewhat uncinate. The hyaline spores were 1-septate, 7.8-9.5x2.5µ, OCI3
Any ideas?
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François Bartholomeeusen, 23-05-2024 14:08
Re : Discs with glassy uncinate,hooked hairs
Hi Marc,

Compare with Hyaloscypha but don't use Congo red but do your research in water. The important thing is to look for the presence or absence of croziers and the reaction to IKI.
Good luck,