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15-01-2019 17:32

Ethan Crenson

Hello, In the Bronx, New York City last Saturday

18-12-2015 19:03

Joop van der Lee

I am looking for the following documentation:  

15-01-2019 00:22

Marcel Heyligen Marcel Heyligen

I found this asco by chance on the fruits of Capse

14-01-2019 15:56

Per Marstad Per Marstad

This was growing on a subiculum (see photo).Spores

13-01-2019 13:32

Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour à tous, Sur branchette d'Abies alba, le

13-01-2019 21:29

Ethan Crenson

I find this unknown (to me) asco in the same locat

13-01-2019 19:04

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello together, i am looking for this literature.

12-01-2019 14:05

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello forum,is this correctly identified as Ceutho

12-01-2019 13:29

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Hello forum, On rabbit dung that I collected 2 we

12-01-2019 15:40

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello forum,there is another anamorph from Hedera

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Acanthostigma multiseptatum ?
Ethan Crenson, 15-01-2019 17:32

In the Bronx, New York City last Saturday I found these setose superficial pyrenomycetes on a branch of hardwood.  I think they are Acanthostigma multiseptatum, mostly based on spore features.  I used the paper by Andy Miller and Itthayakorn Promputtha (2010) to reach this tentative ID. 

The hairs are brown measuring 86-112 x 5µm.  Asci bitunicate and IKI-, 111-116 x 17-24µm.  Spores multiseptate measuring 84-89 x 7.5-9.9µm.  I counted up to 14 septa, the spore slightly constricted at some of the septa.

The description in the Miller/Promputtha paper says the spores should not be constricted at the septa, but the length/width seem to fit and other features seem mostly within range. Am I correct that this is A. multiseptatum, or am I mistaken? 

Thanks in advance.

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Andrew N. Miller, 15-01-2019 19:26
Andrew N. Miller
Re : Acanthostigma multiseptatum ?
Looks right to me!  

Great find!