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28-01-2023 12:27

Juuso Äikäs

These were growing on a piece of thick Salix capre

27-01-2023 23:08


Bonsoir, récolte réalisée sur excréments ou p

27-01-2023 14:41

Juuso Äikäs

A couple days ago I found a plentiful growth of th

09-01-2023 14:08

Zoltan Lukacs Zoltan Lukacs

Anyone got an idea? It's immature material, but th

26-01-2023 15:23

Marja Pennanen

Hello forum. I collected some dark ones on Pinus

24-01-2023 19:53

ruiz Jose antonio

Hola,en restos de quemados,de unos 4 a 5 mm. Espor

24-01-2023 23:30

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Una Botryosphaeriaceae sobre la corteza de un

09-01-2023 08:14

Francisco  SÃNCHEZ Francisco SÁNCHEZ

Ascomiceto anaranjado sobre suelo desnudo, 29/12/2

23-01-2023 13:38

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan elo material seco de Galicia (España) r

16-01-2023 21:31

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Nearby the find of Calycina claroflava on

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Robin Isaksson, 16-11-2022 21:05
Robin IsakssonHi,

This one i also have problem with so we give it a round.

Found in Sweden.
Apothecia around under 1 centimeter
Spores 16-17,5x 9-9,5 seems smooth
Ascus lugol +blå
Parafyses club shaped
On calcareous soil on mosses.

Best Regards
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 21-11-2022 08:26
Re : Peziza?
Interesting collection.
It belongs to the Peziza s. str. (amyloid reaction with a ring, eguttulate ascospores) but I cannot propose a name.
We find such club-shaped paraphyses in P. merdaria, but the substrate is different.
If you have the opportunity to sequence it, it could give another track to follow...
Robin Isaksson, 22-11-2022 21:30
Robin Isaksson
Re : Peziza?

Thank you for reply, interesting. I will put the collection in the freezer. Maybe i would sequence it with help of a friend later.
Uwe Lindemann, 22-11-2022 22:05
Uwe Lindemann
Re : Peziza?
Hi, I think it is same fungus as in earlier posts discussed:
@Nicolas: Some time ago I sent you the sequences of two collections of this probably undescribed species. The problem is that there is another species (Peziza fruticosa) with very similar sequences which seems morphologically different.
Best, Uwe
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 24-11-2022 18:13
Re : Peziza?
I agree with you Uwe. This is the same species.
I'll try to look at the sequences this week-end.