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25-03-2019 18:59

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello, Found by Jan Henk (14-11-2018, The Netherl

25-03-2019 11:58

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan de Galicia  esta muestra en seco ,  re

25-03-2019 11:43

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco de Galicia   recolecta

24-03-2019 23:14


Bonsoir Chers collègues,Je sèche devant cet spé

25-03-2019 08:12

Sava Krstic Sava Krstic

Cups about 1 mm across, growing in large numbers o

24-03-2019 20:36

Eike- Milorad Heinemann Eike- Milorad Heinemann

Hello together we found this Vibrissea yesterday

24-03-2019 00:18

Joop van der Lee

Found on horse dung,Again I found apothecia (2) th

24-03-2019 20:14

Eike- Milorad Heinemann Eike- Milorad Heinemann

Hello together, yesterday i found this Pyrenomyce

23-03-2019 16:06

Peter Thompson

Hello Everyone,I have found perithecia of a black

24-03-2019 13:46

Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour,Sur la face infère d'un morceau de bois d

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Hyphomycete on Fagus wood
Enrique Rubio, 03-11-2018 19:47
Enrique RubioHi my friends
I'd like to know your opinion on these minute (up to 375 microns), scattered, blackish, superficial, verrucose, sessile sporodochia, growing on Fagus wood near the stromata of Hypocrea cf. minutispora.
The muriform conidia, similar to hand grenades, seem to be frontally compressed. My friend Angel Pintos suggested me Berkleasmium or Dictysporium. What do you think?
Many thanks in advance
  • message #55045
  • message #55045
Jason Karakehian, 03-11-2018 20:27
Jason Karakehian
Re : Hyphomycete on Fagus wood
I vote for Berkleasmium. I don't think that yours is B. conglobatum but perhaps some other species. There is a recent key by Bussaban et al. in Fungal Diversity and of course the Royall T. Moore work. A beautiful fungus you have there!

Kindly - Jason
Enrique Rubio, 03-11-2018 20:38
Enrique Rubio
Re : Hyphomycete on Fagus wood
Many thanks, Jason.
Josiane Santana Monteiro, 07-11-2018 13:31
Re : Hyphomycete on Fagus wood
Hi Enrique

This fungus seems Canalisporium, because conidia are frontally compressed. See this article of Sri-Indrasutdhi et al. (2010) with a key to species of this genus.
Enrique Rubio, 07-11-2018 16:49
Enrique Rubio
Re : Hyphomycete on Fagus wood
Hi Josiane
We were on that track, but we can't pinpoint the species.
Thanks a lot for your opinion