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18-03-2019 12:06

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to everybodyThese minute, white, sessile, pruin

18-03-2019 11:32

Peter Püwert Peter Püwert

Hi all, here I find no solution. Apos max. 1 x o,

17-03-2019 22:26

Ethan Crenson

Found yesterday in New York City.  Substrate is a

11-03-2019 14:02

Elisabeth Stöckli

 Bonjour, Récolté sur branche morte de lierre

17-03-2019 22:36

Joop van der Lee

Found on deer dung.Disk: White later brown when ov

17-03-2019 21:38

Ethan Crenson

Hello all, In New York City yesterday I came acro

17-03-2019 10:12

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Good morning,  has anybody information about Nect

17-03-2019 13:54

peter peperkamp

can  someone give me a hint ? on  pinus cone

17-03-2019 12:12

Thomas Læssøe

A very tiny disco accompanied by Venturiocistella

16-03-2019 21:18

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, some days ago i found on bark from Malu

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Caloscypha fulgens in western USA undescribed?
Alan Rockefeller, 17-06-2018 00:36
Alan RockefellerLooks like what is passing for Caloscypha fulgens in the west coast of the USA is probably undescribed.

There are only three ITS sequences of Caloscypha in GenBank - one from South Korea, one from Canada and one which doesn't give a location. None of them match my sequence from California.

Caloscypha fulgens was described from Switzerland, Caloscypha fulgens f. caesioalba from Italy and there don't appear to be any North American names.

There are more LSU sequences of Caloscypha in GenBank, maybe I'll generate one this week. is probably a LSU sequence of our western Montane material, and it tells a similar story to ITS, with most other sequences matching 94 to 97%.

My sequence will be in GenBank in a few days, and for now is accessible here:>

MO observation:

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