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30-09-2020 20:18

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, i found this asco on 25.09.2020 on a Fa

30-09-2020 11:49

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

Can I ask for opinions on this Scutellinia.Small g

30-09-2020 10:02

Joop van der Lee Joop van der Lee

Found on horse dung.Not directly recognized as a P

30-09-2020 07:16

Angel Pintos Angel Pintos

hello,anybody has this articles:Rhinocephalum choc

26-09-2020 17:20


Bonjour,Je cherche à identifier ce champignon sur

29-09-2020 01:15

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todosTengo estos Thecotheus sp recolectados

27-09-2020 20:28

Mirek Gryc

Hi.Several fruiting bodies grew from a piece of st

25-09-2020 18:06

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Un petit Unguiculariopsis intéressant.

23-09-2020 16:41

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola. Pequeñas fructificaciones sobrias la superf

27-09-2020 10:53

Polina Havrysh Polina Havrysh

Dear community!There's a coelomycetes fungus on Ta

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Green ascomycete on Sorbus and Malus
David Malloch, 07-03-2011 19:03
David MallochHello,

After three or four years of seeing this fungus, and not being able to identify it, I turn to you all for help. It grows on old decorticated branches of Sorbus decora, and sometimes apple as well, in very dry and bleached areas of the wood, usually accompanied by Propolis farinosa, Cryptodiscus pallidus and Agyrium rufum. It is common in the winter.

The ascomata are green and erumpent through the uppermost layer of the wood. They start with a small pore like a pyrenomycete but later open widely like Cryptodiscus. The asci are unitunicate (I think) and do not have conspicuous apical structures. The living asci do not have any bluing in Lugol's, although the contents become orange. There are inconspicuous croziers. In the picture they are shown in Shear's Mounting Medium with Ink Blue.

The ascospores are 4 to 8 per ascus, hyaline, smooth and transversely 3-septate. Occasionally there is an oblique septum, but this is uncommon. They measure about 18-19 X 6-7 µm.

Does anyone recognize this fungus?


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Gernot Friebes, 07-03-2011 19:47
Re:Green ascomycete on Sorbus and Malus
David Malloch, 07-03-2011 19:54
David Malloch
Re:Green ascomycete on Sorbus and Malus
Hi Gernot,

Thanks for the tip. I guess I overlooked that group of posts.