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20-01-2021 12:29

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

me mandan el material seco, recolectado en Galicia

06-01-2021 21:01

Andrew N. Miller Andrew N. Miller

Dear Friends,  I would like to obtain a collectio

20-01-2021 11:04

Marek Wolkowycki Marek Wolkowycki

Bialowieza Forest, on dead fruiting bodies of Skel

19-01-2021 15:09

Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi, On spruce (Picea) needles, small, white disco

14-01-2021 18:36

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Apothecia up to 0,5 mm, on decayed wood of Populus

14-01-2021 17:08

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

A large group of what I expected to be Peziza were

18-01-2021 17:35

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Tout d'abord, toutes mes excuses pour le

09-01-2021 21:07

Khomenko Igor Khomenko Igor

Hi,Is this just a long spore variation of Hymenosc

19-01-2021 10:27

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Could this synnematous hyphomycete be a Spiropes s

17-01-2021 17:45

Joaquin Martin

Hi, I have found this tiny Ascomycete on pinus sy

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[Lachnum cf. reynoutriae] Lachnum subvirgineum
Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 00:50
Yannick MourguesHi everybody.

Here is e collection of lachnum cf. subvirgineum found on dead stalks of Epilobium.

spores 8,5-10x1,9-2,3 um with very small guttules at each end not always visible.
asci IKI+ (Lugol) 50-60x4-5 um.
paraphyses lanceolate, without any content, 20-30 um protruding, 65-80x5-6 um.
Marginal hairs 100-110x4-5 um.

I think it's L. subvirgineum.

Do you agree with me ?


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Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 00:52
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
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Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 00:57
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
marginal hairs
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Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 00:58
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
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Hans-Otto Baral, 25-06-2010 08:44
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
Hi Yannick

The hair apices are not swollen enough. I think about Lachnum "reynoutriae" which I had once on other herbs than Renoutria. This needs to check the croziers which should be not that difficult in Congo. Your statement on empty paraphyses refers to living material? Du you also have photos of the living?

Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 23:46
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
Hi Zotto.

Thank's again !

Here are pictures of ascis from rehydrated materials. Unfortunately, all is dry.

I have checked paraphyses again and found just one with 5 guttules... But I remember I saw a small number of paraphyses with a few guttules among the others when I examined this recolt last day.

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Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 23:46
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
another one...
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Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 23:49
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
Paraphyse from rehydrated material. Guttules ?
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Hans-Otto Baral, 25-06-2010 23:53
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
O.k., then it is probably L. reynoutriae nom. prov. Because L. virgineum and subvirgineum have asci with croziers.

For the VB-guttules you need living paraphyses. Lachnum species are usually not inert to drying. Don't use Congo or anything else when looking for vital characters. :-) For croziers Congo is wonderful.

Yannick Mourgues, 25-06-2010 23:56
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
Considering the dimension of spores, is Lachnum subrenoutriae a better candidate ?
Hans-Otto Baral, 26-06-2010 00:12
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
pfff, I do not know that species :-) It is a very old name of mine, which I attached to a single collection on unidentified substrate, apparently wooden. I have no illustration, only some notes on microscopy.

Spore length was very variable in this find, 6-12 µm. I fear I need to restudy this find at some time.

A week ago I received fresh material of L. reynoutriae, on Reynoutria (Fallopia) japonica. The data:

Chemnitz, Reynoutria. Asci *41-47 x 4.3-4.7 µm, H- (2 ap. tested), IKI 3bb. Sp. *5.5-8 x 1.6-1.8 µm, base mostly acute, Ölm-0-0-5. Hairs 50-90 µm, apex 0-1inflated, (2-)3-celled. Paraph. 0-1/2refr. VBs multigutt., in IKI strongly refr.

So the spores are indeed quite short in that species. There were actually very indistinct VB-guttules present in water, which became strongly visible in IKI (vital staining).

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Yannick Mourgues, 26-06-2010 00:21
Yannick Mourgues
Re:Lachnum subvirgineum
Ok Thank's !
I have another one for you... !