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04-12-2023 17:46

Nogueira Héctor

Hello! 12/2/2023 Cogorderos (León) Spain Specimen

04-12-2023 08:32


Bonjour, récolte réalisée au sol dans un parc,

01-12-2023 21:54

Marian Jagers Marian Jagers

Does anyone recognize this species? Apothecia in

04-12-2023 10:01

François Bartholomeeusen

Dear forum participants, On a thin twig of Myrica

03-12-2023 19:21

ruiz Jose antonio

Hola a todos, en un talud cercano a un riachuelo,

28-11-2023 23:10

Villalonga Paco

On basic soil in humid bank, Teruel, Spain, around

02-12-2023 21:21

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Récolte en milieu incendié, apothécie

25-11-2023 14:49

Kees van Oorde Kees van Oorde

Very small fruiting bodies on affected leaves. Fou

30-11-2023 14:33

Béatrice Senn-Irlet

alll issues of Mycologia Helvetica (1983-2000) are

28-01-2014 10:50

Gernot Friebes

Hi,I'm looking for these three standard references

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Anamorph on Phragmites australis
Miguel Ángel Ribes, 11-07-2023 08:42
Miguel Ãngel RibesGood morning

A friend of mine found this possible anamorph on Phragmites.

Small cottony-looking fruiting bodies that develop on Phragmites australis stems. Several specimens of Trichobelonium kneiffii (formerly Mollisia retincola) have been identified on the same stem. The fructifications are grouped in numerous specimens that form large spots on the stem, of an intense purple color (photos 1 and 2). Before ripening they appear to have a whitish coloration.

Under the microscope, the fructifications consist of a base formed by a group of hyphae grouped as a stem, on which a small spherical body develops (photos 3 and 4). When ripe, the stem opens in the shape of a fan and the spherical body is dispersed into small rounded cells (photo 5), which occasionally appear to form small chains. All the observed structures have a very intense purple coloration.

Thank you in advance.

Miguel Á. Ribes

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Miguel Ángel Ribes, 13-07-2023 19:39
Miguel Ãngel Ribes
Re : Anamorph on Phragmites australis
None orientation?

Hans-Otto Baral, 28-09-2023 11:21
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Anamorph on Phragmites australis
Hi Miguel Angel

I overlooked this post but cannot really help. Although Mollisia has various anamorphs, such synnemata are unknown to me (which says not much). The heighgt is very low? Perhaps 100 µm? And the conidial diameter?