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04-08-2020 22:32

Edouard Evangelisti Edouard Evangelisti

Bonjour le forum, J'ai trouvé dernièrement une

04-08-2020 22:24

Matthias Mann Matthias Mann

Liebe Asco-Freunde, cher Asco-ami, Auf morschem,

04-08-2020 15:52

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

Found a small group of inoperculate cup ascos unde

03-08-2020 20:40

Juuso Äikäs

I came by a shrub of some kind in a park-like envi

23-10-2016 17:55

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Sur tiges mortes d'Equisetum arvense tro

09-07-2020 00:39

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todosEncontré este curioso ascomycete a me

03-08-2020 11:06

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

de ayer en bosque de abetos y hayas,   recolecta

02-08-2020 23:53

Garcia Susana

Hola, He encontrado un solo apotecio creciendo so

02-08-2020 17:16

Angel Pintos Angel Pintos

anybody can provided this:?Mueller & J. A. von

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Marcel Heyligen Marcel Heyligen

I'm looking for next article publishers october 20

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Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark
Thomas Læssøe, 03-07-2020 17:47

Tiny ascocarps with tiny asci (23,5-26 µm long with fairly long stipes; sp.p. 18,5-19,3 µm). Partspores 3,4 x 2,8 µm. Spores 3 (or 4celled?).


Paul Cannon, 03-07-2020 18:01
Re : Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark
Have a look at Westerdykella (syn. Pycnidiophora). This looks like what we called W. dispersa at IMI (if it had pycnidia as well as ascomata in culture) or W. multispora (if there were only ascomata).

Best wishes

Thomas Læssøe, 03-07-2020 20:00
Re : Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark
yes, clearly a Westerdykella but I am not sure of the species. Keys to nigra but ....


Michel Delpont, 04-07-2020 13:34
Michel Delpont
Re : Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark
Hello Paul!

I do not know these genres, having never met them; are there species with a different number of spores per ascus? Is there a determination key?

Thank you and have a nice day.


Paul Cannon, 04-07-2020 13:44
Re : Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark

They may well have spores that are initially 4-celled like Preussia and Sporormiella, but if so they fragment inside the ascus, and the asci always appear multispored. They are usually only found in cultural studies.

Best wishes


Michel Delpont, 04-07-2020 16:30
Michel Delpont
Re : Micro-Preussia on goose dung (Branta?) - Denmark
Thank you Paul, very interesting!