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Bonjour le forum, J'ai trouvé dernièrement une

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Liebe Asco-Freunde, cher Asco-ami, Auf morschem,

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Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

Found a small group of inoperculate cup ascos unde

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Juuso Äikäs

I came by a shrub of some kind in a park-like envi

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Bonsoir, Sur tiges mortes d'Equisetum arvense tro

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Hola a todosEncontré este curioso ascomycete a me

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de ayer en bosque de abetos y hayas,   recolecta

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Hola, He encontrado un solo apotecio creciendo so

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anybody can provided this:?Mueller & J. A. von

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I'm looking for next article publishers october 20

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Black gelatinous blobs on Viburnum which erupts violently on touching with water (asco?)
Stephen Mifsud, 20-06-2020 21:49
Stephen MifsudHello, I have a very odd finding which is acting as a parasite on Viburnum tinus causing discoloration of leaves (esp near veins) and brownish-black gelatinous blops apparetly on the bristles of the plant along the margin and leaves, then throughout most if the leaf. The blob (about 100-200 um wide) is polished and looks like a droplet of tar.

Now here starts the movie. When this is placed in water, the blob swells and then gets punctured fro 1 to two loci from which there is a jet-like action emitting and dishcarging the contents Including mainly of motile cells, spore-looking, oval bodies, yellow spherical 'cells' and amorpphous bodies (and few crystals too). Now I dont know whit what I am dealing, but I think is it a systematic fungus cause highly infected leaves had white mycelia errupting from vein axils. 

I try to document the organism with photos

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