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Has anyone got a key to Pososordaria or informatio

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Hola, Pseudotecios muy pequeños, unos 120um de d

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Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,Trouvé hier ce que j

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Hi to everyoneThis fungus forms very small ascomat

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Bonjour tout le monde,Trouvé sur crotte de lièvr

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Bonsoir, Un sympathique pyréno observé sur Vibu

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Hello allCan anyone help me identify this unknown

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Hello all,I would like to identify a fungus, that

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hello, anybody can provide this article?Yokohama T

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Hola Unas imágenes tomadas a una muy diminuta esp

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Bryoscyphus cf. rhytidiadelphi
Georges Greiff, 24-03-2020 18:28

I'd appreciate any comments on this collection. I have not had time to make a full analysis, especially of the structure of the fruitbodies, but can provide additional information if required.

Fruitbodies whitish turning orange-brown when exposed, with slightly hairy outer surface, up to 1mm diam, 0.5mm tall.

Asci clavate, bitunicate, 8-spored, IKI (Baral's)+ blue at ascus tip with two distinct lines, 106 x 7.6-8.45.

Paraphyses with distinctive guttules near apices, 3.8 wide, as long as asci.

Ascospores egg-shaped, 10.4-11.0 x 5.3-6.4.

Host: Thuidium tamariscinum, basal stem. Isle of Wight, England.


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