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Bonjour à tous,Je me perd dans la détermination

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Hi allspores 14-17 x 4.6-6.2 umParaphyses cylindri

09-11-2019 21:21

Sven Heinz Sven Heinz

Hello, does anyone know this mushroom? It can be

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Klaus Siepe

Hi everybody, a friend sent me these pictures of

12-11-2019 09:55

Miguel Ãngel Ribes Miguel Ángel Ribes

Good morning From Aragüés del Puerto, Huesca, t

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Gilbert MOYNE

Toujours à propos de Perrotia succina, je recherc

13-11-2019 19:14

Eduard Osieck

Does anybody recognizes this Hyprocrea-like fungus

13-11-2019 10:14

Gilbert MOYNE

Bonjour à tous, Je recherche des articles signal

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Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola amigosAdjunto fotos de unos ascos recolectado

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Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi! I have a very small Cryptodiscus-like specimen

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Calycina sp. on Impatiens glandulifera
Thorben Hülsewig, 13-10-2019 14:31
Hi there,

I have here a Calycina sp. which I cannot determine.
My first idea was Calycina herbarum, but the IKI reaction was blue instead of red.
Or can C. herbarum also have a red IKI reaction ?

best regards,

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Hans-Otto Baral, 13-10-2019 17:14
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Calycina sp. on Impatiens glandulifera
Hallo Thorben

C. herbarum reacts blue at low and red at high concentration. This is typical C. herbarum.
Thorben Hülsewig, 13-10-2019 19:50
Re : Calycina sp. on Impatiens glandulifera
Hallo Zotto,

Thank you for this information, because I saw everywhere on the Internet only the red reaction in Lugol.
That's why I thought there was only the red reaction.

best regards,
Hans-Otto Baral, 13-10-2019 20:36
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Calycina sp. on Impatiens glandulifera
Das ist aber erfreulich, dass Lugol so verbreitet genutzt wird :-))