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06-12-2019 19:49

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

Hi! Tiny, black, oblong stromata with pure white

27-11-2019 16:54

Rasmus Riis-Hansen Rasmus Riis-Hansen

Hi,I hope you can help med with this disc found a

05-12-2019 09:06

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola amigosEstoy buscando este trabajo de la Errot

05-12-2019 19:35

Ibai Olariaga Ibarguren

Dear colleagues, I was wondering if anyone could

19-11-2019 18:05

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... under a twig of deciduous tree (likely Quercus

29-06-2011 22:52

Luc Bailly Luc Bailly

Encore trois ascos de la réserve naturelle domani

04-12-2019 13:01

Mirek Gryc

Hello everyoneI inform you in advance that this is

04-12-2019 14:53

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

Hello together, does somebody have: DONADINI J.-

03-12-2019 10:36

Thomas Læssøe

Pale, long-stemmed, recalling H. seminis-alni; ap.

24-11-2019 19:03

Mirek Gryc

They grew on plant debris soaked in faeces togethe

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Mollisia ceaspiticia?
Stefan Jakobsson, 12-08-2019 11:34

yesterday I found something Mollisia-like on a twig of Betula, hiding on inner bark. It was under a rupture in the outer bark caused by a now dead stroma of Diatrypella favacea or something alike.

The diameter of apos are up to 1.2 mm, greyish - yellowish, turning more brown on drying. Asci 35-42 x 4-7 µm, IKI-. Spores 5-6.5 x 1.5. Parahyses simple 35 x 2 µm.

With Gminder's key the closest I can get is Mollisia ceaspiticia. Any chance that I am somewhere close by?


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Michel Hairaud, 12-08-2019 12:04
Michel Hairaud
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?

HI Stefan,

Your macro and micro match collections of M. caespiticia we regularly make on twigs of Quercus in Brittany, also on dead Diatrypaceae , but hithertoo rather in winter and spring, I.E. during very wet periods.

IKI négative is a striking character of this species




Hans-Otto Baral, 12-08-2019 14:22
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
I agree with Michel. There is only a problem with Calycina vulgaris which is quite similar. My guess is that the only M. caespiticia in GenBank is something like C. vulgaris, as it is close to unpublished sequences of that species (around 3.3%). So it is not impossible that M. caespiticia is a Calycina close to C.vulgaris and not a Mollisia at all.

Another idea was that M. caespiticia is a Pyrenopeziza. I just moved it back to Mollisia because their is no evidence at present, and it could also be that my folder includes different species. For the sequenced sample only a macro exists which is in the C. vulgaris folder (6.I.2016). 

Stefan Jakobsson, 12-08-2019 21:07
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
Thank you,

I checked what collections we have from Finland. I found only two reliably determined collections by Karsten. One is  the lectotype from the beginning of October, no substrate indicated. The other one is determined by Andreas Gminder, collected in the beginning of September, on Ribes nigrum(?).

Hans-Otto Baral, 12-08-2019 21:24
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
Interesting that Karsten also collected on Ribes but also Salix and Sambucus, on dry branches (!).

Gremmen 1958 examined the "type" in H on Sambucus, so this might have been interpreted as lecotypification. But he did not describe it.
Stefan Jakobsson, 12-08-2019 22:00
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
There are a couple of collections more in the database but without indication that they should have been determined lately. The lectotype is selected by Huhtinen. They are all here:

Probably there are also other collections not in the database.

Hans-Otto Baral, 12-08-2019 22:17
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
Thanks for the link, I cannot see Huhtinen and no substrate there, and since Gremmen did not give the date I cannot identify the lectotype. 

I do not see that Huhtinen published on this, how can he have selected a lectotype?
Stefan Jakobsson, 12-08-2019 22:41
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
It is the one from 1867-10-07. Click the button Show extra info and you will find Typifier: Huhtinen, Seppo.

Better ask him about the details, I don't know.

Hans-Otto Baral, 13-08-2019 07:32
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?
Ah, somewhat hidden. Long ago Seppo restudied a lot of Karsten's types by making drawings, but did not publish on most of them. The remark "Type publication: Unverified" seems to refer to this.
Andreas Gminder, 17-08-2019 23:43
Andreas Gminder
Re : Mollisia ceaspiticia?

as far as I remember there were two collections in the KARSTEN Herbarium in H, both of which were studied by Seppo as well as by me. I can verifiy tomorrow when I'm at home. And as far as I remember one of them was labelled as Lectotype. Both collections were on Ribes, as far as I remember, but I will check and verify.

best regards,