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Hypocopra brefeldii
Riet van Oosten, 16-06-2019 12:07
Riet van Oosten

Found by Theo Westra, 13-06-2019 (The Netherlands) on deer dung (Dama dama).

Is this Hypocopra brefeldii?

Used "Keys to fungi on Dung"

(Page 38: Hypocopra)

Asci: 8-spored, IKI+

Spores with a germ-split, spore size: 24.3 x 12.7 µm

Greetings, Riet
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Norbert Heine, 16-06-2019 14:47
Norbert Heine
Re : Hypocopra brefeldii?
Hello Riet,

indeed it looks good for Hyprocopra brefeldii. The ascospores should have a small basal apiculus (often collapsed and not easy to see, mostly when still young). You can compare with a nice portrait at by B. Wergen.

A great article to this genus is Krug & Cain_New species of Hypocopra (Can.J.Bot. 52, 1974). Here is a link to my webspace, where you can download this.

By the way. I'm nearly sure, that the substrat is hare dung (because of its character and nature).

Greetings, Norbert
Michel Delpont, 16-06-2019 14:58
Michel Delpont
Re : Hypocopra brefeldii?
Hello Riet.

In my opinion, your fungus looks very similar to H. brefeldii; germinative slit shorter than the sporal length, rather equilateral spores, corresponding Melzer reaction, stroma with one or more perithecia. F. Doveri gives two-cell spores in his description, but it is often difficult to distinguish them clearly.


Michel Delpont, 16-06-2019 15:10
Michel Delpont
Re : Hypocopra brefeldii?
Hello Norbert!

Would you have mentioned this article in your answer (Krug & Cain_New species of Hypocopra (Can.J.Bot. 52, 1974), thank you.



Riet van Oosten, 16-06-2019 15:23
Riet van Oosten
Re : Hypocopra brefeldii?
Hello Norbert and Michel,
Thank you so much for your help and all the information!  
I will inform Theo about the substrate!

Greetings, Riet