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18-04-2019 15:25

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Especimen  con apoterios en forma de disco de col

16-04-2019 15:10

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

HelloCan someone help with this found on a dead/dy

14-04-2019 16:53

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear forum, On the bark of Larix I found some som

13-01-2019 21:29

Ethan Crenson

I find this unknown (to me) asco in the same locat

17-04-2019 16:40

Jac Gelderblom

I am looking for Holm & Holm: Lophiostomatacea

16-04-2019 15:09

Thomas Læssøe

Form small pinki cushions on the surface - recall

12-04-2019 14:11

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud

Bonjour, Voici une Helotiale manifestement liée

16-04-2019 02:06

Ethan Crenson

Hello, Yesterday in New York City on Pinus strobu

16-04-2019 18:02

Ethan Crenson

I am looking for: Barr, M.E. 1982. On the Pleoma

14-04-2019 14:57

Edvin Johannesen Edvin Johannesen

I am struggling a bit to identify this one. First

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Unknown setiform on dung
Marc Detollenaere, 12-01-2019 13:29
Marc Detollenaere

Hello forum,

On rabbit dung that I collected 2 weeks ago I found several small (160µ) creamcoloured fruitbodies, hemisphaerical in shape and each with 8-11 septated setae of about 400-450µ long.

Inside I only found cylindrical conidiospores of about 5.5-2.4µ each with 1 or 2 small guttules.

Any idea?


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Thorben Hülsewig, 12-01-2019 14:00
Re : Unknown setiform on dung
Hi Marc,

Compare with Volutella (perhaps V. ciliata).

best regards,

Jacky Launoy, 12-01-2019 15:22
Re : Unknown setiform on dung

Je pense effectivement que Thorben à raison et qu'il s'agit de Volutella ciliata.

Marc Detollenaere, 12-01-2019 16:28
Marc Detollenaere
Re : Unknown setiform on dung

Thanks Thorben and Jacky. Volucella fits well.

Does any one has a key of the genus Volutella?