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Melastiza chateri - cornubiensis
Rubén Martínez Gil, 03-01-2018 22:23
Rubén Martínez Gil

Hola a todos.

Subo unas fotos de una Melastiza encontrada hace un par de días en suelo removido.

Esporas de 16-20 x 9,4-10,2 micras.

He visto en casi todos los ápices de las paráfisis una sustancia pegada, ¿cristales? ¿Es esto común?

¿Son sinónimos Melastiza chateri y Melastiza cornubiensis? ¿Cuál sería el prioritario?

Gracias por sus respuestas.


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Viktorie Halasu, 03-01-2018 22:54
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Melastiza chateri - cornubiensis
Hello Rubén,

with this ornamentation (low, regular, rather thin ribs of reticulum) and hair width over approx. 15 um, I'd call it M. cornubiensis (syn. M. chateri). That few collections I saw had a bit wider spores (I collect M. carbonicola much more frequently than this one, but that's perhaps more my preference of habitats than the fungus'), but their respective sizes are overlapping a lot anyway. See Moravec's last article on this genus: 

Rubén Martínez Gil, 04-01-2018 18:42
Rubén Martínez Gil
Re : Melastiza chateri - cornubiensis
Thanks for your help, Viktorie.
So, M. chateri is synonymous with M. cornubiensis. The priority name would be M. cornubiensis?
The link you sent does not work, do you have the document?
Can someone help me to know what is the substance of the apex of the paraphysis?
Thank you
Stip Helleman, 05-01-2018 01:47
Stip Helleman
Re : Melastiza chateri - cornubiensis
Hi Ruben,
for the link you have to type manually [.pdf] in the end.
about the paraphyses I am not sure but they seems to be apically thick walled, to be sure if it is cell-wall material test with Congo-red. Otherwise it might be some gel layer over the hymenium.
Rubén Martínez Gil, 06-01-2018 21:01
Rubén Martínez Gil
Re : Melastiza chateri - cornubiensis

Gracias Stip.

Ya he descargado el documento.

Subo una nueva foto de la sustancia o gel de ápice de las paráfisis.

Tengo todo el material seco, pero en próximas recolectas, las miraré con Rojo Congo.


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