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Hola a todosHace unos días recolecte estas escler

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Je retrouve ces photos d 'un champi resté sans no

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Bonjour Forum, Voici une récolte qui semble appa

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Hello Everybody,among the scales of pine cone. Do

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I took a sample of wood from a rotten stump with S

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Bonsoir tousThis was found on corticated attached

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Bonjour,Voici une petite espèce qui me pose encor

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He encontrado un grupo de peritecios creciendo inm

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Bonsoir à tous,Sur branchette de feuillus, en fé

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I found this greyish mould with a silvery tinge co

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Pyxidiophora badiorostris?
Sven Heinz, 12-09-2017 13:10
Sven HeinzHello together,

is this Pyxidiophora badiorostris?

-Perithecial neck: 170 x 20 - 25 µ, brown
-Perithecial base: 110 x 110 µ
-Asci: 60 x 10 µ, i think 3 spored
-Spores: 55 x 5 µ
It grows on deer dung

Greetings Sven
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Peter Püwert, 12-09-2017 15:24
Peter Püwert
Re : Pyxidiophora badiorostris?
Hi Sven,
in my opinion is this Pyx. badiorostris. I send you the description from DOVERI 2006 about the first found in France.
Greetings Peter.
Danny Haelewaters, 12-09-2017 16:06
Danny Haelewaters
Re : Pyxidiophora badiorostris?
Hi Sven and Peter,

Peter, could you send that description to me as well? Thank you! 

Sven, are you planning to culture this? I am working on the Laboulbeniomycetes, and having sequences for this species would be helpful.