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Bonjour,Je suuis perplexe quand a mettre un nom su

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Bernard Declercq Bernard Declercq

Dear forum members,Who can supply me a pdf of foll

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Gilbert MOYNE

Voici un asco qui me pose problème et je n'arrive

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Garcia Susana

Sobre madera en zona muy húmeda.No consigo identi

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Bonjour, Je ne sais pas si peut être cette espèc

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Hello,I have absolutely no idea on this one. (Subs

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Ethan Crenson

From the Bronx, NYC on Platanus × acerifolia. On

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HolaPeritecio inmerso en madera de haya.No llego a

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Danny Newman Danny Newman

note cruciate/sulcate ostiolar necks. paraphyses

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Pavol Palo

Hi, I've found this ascomycete on a dead lying s

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Rhytismatales on Ribes
Marja Pennanen, 15-07-2017 23:16
Hello forum,

I collected some hyaloscyphaceae on the leaves of Ribes nigrum. On stereomicroscope I noticed something growing on the stem of a leaf. Sorry about the quality of photos, should try again tomorrow.

The apos are about 0,5-1mmx0,5 mm and very hard to see because of the dark grey colour and are propably visible only, when wet.
The spores are about 7-9x2 and asci 50-60x6-8, Iki blue.
Paraphyses are practicly not exceeding the asci and may be a bit curved, about 2 at the top.

I suppose, that this is a representative of some Rhytismatales, but found absolutely nothing fitting to these characters. Maybe someone here can help me...

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Hans-Otto Baral, 16-07-2017 07:35
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Rhytismatales on Ribes
Hi Marja
can you exclude a Pyrenopeziza? Reminds me of P. petiolaris on Acer petioles.
Marja Pennanen, 16-07-2017 13:59
Re : Rhytismatales on Ribes
Dear Zotto,

these definitely grow under surface.  They really are visible only, when wet. I took many more photos, but these seem to try to avoid to be revealed ;)

The paraphyses are curved at the top and septate and seems to exceed at least young asci.

Could this be a Hypoderma species?

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Hans-Otto Baral, 16-07-2017 21:02
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Rhytismatales on Ribes
Now I see a strongly hooked paraphysis also in your first series of images which rules out my suggetsion. Sorry, the quality is too low. The paraphyses aren't multiguttulate?
Marja Pennanen, 17-07-2017 13:38
Re : Rhytismatales on Ribes
Hi Zotto,

I supposed, that there were septas in paraphyses, but they may as well be guttules. I have these drying now, so I should collect more, but have not time now. My granddaugter is going to visit us and I surely have to move many things away from her curious eyes and fingers...