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20-06-2024 16:07

Nicolas Suberbielle

Bonjour, J'ai trouvé cette espèce sur les feuil

20-06-2024 09:40

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud

Bonjour, I can no longer reach  Javier Etayo at

19-06-2024 18:32

François Bartholomeeusen

On female Alnus catkins I found very small fruit b

12-06-2024 22:08

Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

Dear all, a week ago this cushen formed species w

16-03-2018 12:26

Garrido-Benavent Isaac

Dear all,I found this beautful pseudotheciate asco

19-06-2024 17:52

Bernard Declercq Bernard Declercq

Dear all, I am looking for the description and ac

18-06-2024 14:07

Thierry Blondelle Thierry Blondelle

Bonjour,Récolte sur une brindille dans une tourbi

17-06-2024 12:00

Juuso Äikäs

A couple days ago I found some Mitrula fruitbodies

16-06-2024 16:47

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

These apothecia directly growing on a resupinate,

16-06-2024 14:36

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hello.An anamorph located in nature, on the surfac

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Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Ismael Wind, 27-09-2023 16:38
As mentioned in the title. Someone a clue what this can be, family?

Spores not much yet. What i dus find was beanshaped and about 17,5 x 5
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Lothar Krieglsteiner, 27-09-2023 18:02
Lothar Krieglsteiner
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Hello Ismael,
compare Rutstroemia echinophila.
Best regards, Lothar
Ismael Wind, 27-09-2023 18:17
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Ok are you sure? Is that also so hairy?
Hans-Otto Baral, 27-09-2023 20:31
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
To me this looks more like appressed fibres than hairs. I agree with Lothar. Is this a submediterranean Quercus?
Ismael Wind, 27-09-2023 20:40
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Ok found in Germany not sure wich species it is
Lothar Krieglsteiner, 28-09-2023 07:37
Lothar Krieglsteiner
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
I found R. echinophila in Germany (Eifel) on deciduous Quercus (robur or petraea) leaves. And I remember, Zotto, decades ago I also found it here in the South of Germany on Quercus leaves and you then determined it.
I think few fungi tell apart between Castanea and Quercus.

Ismael Wind, 28-09-2023 07:39
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Ok. Thanks????????its true mushrooms dont read books ????
Hans-Otto Baral, 28-09-2023 09:42
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
I can't remember, Lothar. In my files and database I have no hint on leaves. The difference to R. petiolorum is not easy, isn't it?
Lothar Krieglsteiner, 28-09-2023 19:21
Lothar Krieglsteiner
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
Petiolorum I only found on Fagus leaves, sydowiana on Quercus. I think petiolorum is much smaller and looks macroscopically different. I do not have in mind the microscopical differences.
The find of echinophila that you saw on Quercus leaves was not documented by you, only shortly looked at and determined. I do not remember in the moment where it was found, but possibly I would be able to find it out with time enough ....
Hans-Otto Baral, 28-09-2023 20:54
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Hairy cup on cupule Quercus
It is smaller but we do not know how large Ismael's apos are. A crenulate margin might be a difference. What surprizes me is the almost black disc, as if it were a Lambertella with finally brown spores.

By the way, Hymenoscyphus sparsus I had mostly on Quercus but sometimes on fagus, similarly Dasyscyphella nivea. But Rutstroemiaceae might have a narrower host range.

So I must not have made a note in my database about this find on cupules. I only know records on Quercus cupules besides Castanea cupules.