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Bonjour, récolte réalisée au sol dans un parc,

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Marian Jagers Marian Jagers

Does anyone recognize this species? Apothecia in

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François Bartholomeeusen

Dear forum participants, On a thin twig of Myrica

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Hola a todos, en un talud cercano a un riachuelo,

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On basic soil in humid bank, Teruel, Spain, around

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Bonsoir, Récolte en milieu incendié, apothécie

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Very small fruiting bodies on affected leaves. Fou

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Béatrice Senn-Irlet

alll issues of Mycologia Helvetica (1983-2000) are

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Hi,I'm looking for these three standard references

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higher resolution images available at inaturalist.

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Which Cladosporium is this?
François Bartholomeeusen, 13-09-2023 15:35
Dear forum members,

Under a pile of grass clippings (grass and herbs) I found several conidiomata. Under the microscope I found no conidiphores only loose conidia and hyphae.
The hyphae are brown and thick-walled, smooth or sometimes also verruculose and septated. The conidia are citriform with conidial hila and following dimensions: Me = 13.1 × 10 µm ; Qe = 1.3. First hyaline later black.

Would this belong to the genus Cladosporium and can anyone determine the species?

After two weeks I found Rhopalomyces magnus on the substrate so probably among the rotten grass is also dung.

All help is welcome!

Best regards,

François Bartholomeeusen

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Przemyslaw Drzewiecki, 13-09-2023 23:01
Re : Which Cladosporium is this?
Hello, It reminds me more of Chaetomium sp. ?
Regards Przemek
François Bartholomeeusen, 14-09-2023 11:51
Re : Which Cladosporium is this?
Thank you very much Przemek,

thanks to your help and the literature I found, I think I choose: Chaetomium elatum.
The spore dimensions and description seem correct: "limoniform, biapiculate or umbonate, bilaterally flattened, brown when mature, with an apical germ pore".
The description of the terminal hairs is also correct : "verrucose or warty, brown, erect or flexuous in the lower part, 2.5-4.5 ?m diam. near the base, repeatedly and dichotomously branched at right to nearly straight angles in the upper part, with relatively flexible, flexuous or undulate terminal branches".
In the attached photo, near the septum, I see something that looks like a crozier!

Best regards and thanks again,


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