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08-10-2021 15:11

Pierre-Yves Julien

Bonjour à tous, Récolte le 01/10/2021 – Forê

26-10-2021 00:41

Aouali Souhila

Hi,Found these sub-cortical fruitbodies on Cedrus

21-10-2021 13:57

Miguel Ãngel Ribes Miguel Ángel Ribes

Buenos díasMe han pasado esta Scutellinia recogid

25-10-2021 14:03

Camille Mertens

Bonjour. Récolté sur branche couchée d'eupatoi

16-10-2021 17:08

Andrés Valverde Valera Andrés Valverde Valera

Bonjour,Je vous envoie cette Tarzetta, trouvée il

18-10-2021 17:44

hannie wijers

Hello, I'dd like some helpIn the forest between li

24-10-2021 16:55

Roland Labbé

Bonjour !Voici un disco que nous croyons être cet

21-10-2021 20:14

Ronald Morsink

These i found on the side of a dry creek in the Ne

25-10-2021 08:54

Savic Dragisa

Regards to all,I need confirmation for this specie

24-10-2021 21:50

Robin Isaksson Robin Isaksson

Hi,Found on Andreaea rupestris sweden.ascomata bl

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Mollisia on polypore?
Juuso Äikäs, 23-09-2021 09:01
A couple days ago I found some Mollisia(?)s growing on a dead polypore (possibly Inonotus radiatus on Alnus incana).

Asci with croziers, IKI+(bb), paraphyses with a long VB. The spores measure 10.1 - 11.4 × 3.8 - 4 µm, some (overmature?) with a septum. KOH negative.

Any ideas what this is?
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Hans-Otto Baral, 23-09-2021 10:06
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
Hmm, this requires more data. The excipulum is entirely hyaline? The VBs I do not clearly see but I assume they are there. Are the septa at the base of paraphyses numerous, i.e. the cells much shorter than the terminal cell?

I guess Leptodontidium trabinellum (Leptodontidiaceae, but still in my Pezizellaceae folder).
Juuso Äikäs, 24-09-2021 16:22
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
Thanks for the answer!

I'm pretty sure the excipulum is entirely hyaline. I actually found L. trabinellum last year, also on Alnus. I quickly glanced at a sample collected the same day as this at a different location, and it seemed to be the same species (on Alnus once again).

So, over all I'm fairly sure your suggestion is correct.

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Hans-Otto Baral, 24-09-2021 16:45
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
Indeed, that was at 16.IX.2020, from Porvoo. The present sample is from the another spot? I would place it in my folder ig you tell me also the collection date.
Juuso Äikäs, 24-09-2021 16:57
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
Yes, this is from another location, about 2 km from the previous one. The collection date is the same as in the first pic (21.9.2021).
Hans-Otto Baral, 24-09-2021 18:24
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
Ah I overlooked. If you have coordinates I would paste them there.
Juuso Äikäs, 24-09-2021 19:30
Re : Mollisia on polypore?
60.384234 N, 25.656253 E (WGS84)