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30-07-2019 12:28

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Could someone please give me the description of Ta

07-05-2021 08:36

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Me mandan el material seco de Galicia,  recolecta

08-05-2021 00:37

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,I can't find a good name for this. Apotheci

07-05-2021 15:50

Cvenkel Miran

07-05-2021 13:55

Karl Soler Kinnerbäck Karl Soler Kinnerbäck

Found on branches of Ulmus glabra in Uppsala, Swed

05-05-2021 10:09


Bonjour à toutes et tous,Un ami m'envoie ces deux

05-05-2021 23:14

Ethan Crenson

Hello again, A friend of mine found these small c

06-05-2021 19:56

Paul Whitehead

Please could anyone name this sordariomycete speci

05-05-2021 22:25

Ethan Crenson

Hello all, In a New York City cemetery last week

05-05-2021 18:13

Jennifer Fiorentino

On olive tree twig (Mediterranean) amongst cortico

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Black setose on Polypore
Marja Pennanen, 13-01-2021 22:05
Hello forum,

I found some tiny black and setose ones on Trichaptum abietinum on Picea abies bark accidently in an old collection of Trichia botrytis (myxomycete) from year 2011.

These are so tiny (0,1-0,2 mm), that I do not even try a macrophoto.

The setas are brown, septate, up to 120x4-5.

The spores are also septate having normally 3 septas (few only 2) and the sells at the middle are brown with hyaline end cells, 12-16x4-5.

Thought, that it would be easier to ask for help here than to try to determine something completely unfamiliar myself. Ideas?

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  • message #67055
Thomas Læssøe, 14-01-2021 12:16
Re : Black setose on Polypore
check this one Ascocodinaea polyporicola Samuels, Cand. & Magni, Mycologia 89(1): 159 (1997)

a possibility

Marja Pennanen, 14-01-2021 13:43
Re : Black setose on Polypore
Dear Thomas,

thank you very much!

I tried to find something about this new-for-me-genus from net and found a view of a page with the description of A. stereicola, which seems to fit well. I did not find the description of A. polyporicola at all... So A. stereicola until proven something else ;)

What a luck to ask here, I suppose, that Munk would not have given me an answer evenif I would have been reading it for days...


PS: Does someone hapen to have Mycologia 89(1), 1997 sides 156-162 as a PDF?
Thomas Læssøe, 14-01-2021 14:54
Re : Black setose on Polypore
I vaguely remember that Unto S. had something like this (polyporicola?) on Trichaptum - in Finland! :-)
Marja Pennanen, 14-01-2021 15:24
Re : Black setose on Polypore
Ooh yes, I checked the finnish list of species and suprisingly  found Ascocodinaea polyporicola there and thought that Unto must have found it (described 1989). I know very few persons (Unto) here, who are interested in pyrenomycetes.
Thomas Læssøe, 14-01-2021 15:29
Re : Black setose on Polypore
Yes, they don't know what they are missing :-)
Norbert Heine, 14-01-2021 15:31
Norbert Heine
Re : Black setose on Polypore
PS: Does someone hapen to have Mycologia 89(1), 1997 sides 156-162 as a PDF?

Here it is.


Marja Pennanen, 14-01-2021 17:21
Re : Black setose on Polypore
Wonderful, thank you Norbert!