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27-11-2020 11:34

DirkW DirkW

salut a tous,on dead stem of indet. herbaceous pla

27-11-2020 16:48

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir, Je suis intéressé par de la documentat

26-11-2020 17:58


Bonjour à chacune et à chacun,Je vous soumets un

26-11-2020 16:17

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola,  Alguno de Ustedes tiene documentación o a

27-11-2020 11:16

Joaquin Martin

Hi,I found this little ascomycete on rubus, I thin

24-11-2020 14:46

Thomas Læssøe


11-02-2017 13:39

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,Loking for confirmation or opinions on this

26-11-2020 20:43

Marek Capoun Marek Capoun

Hello everybody, I need help with the determinatio

27-11-2020 07:51

Zuidland Peter

Can I get help with this small pyrenomycete please

27-11-2020 07:48

Zuidland Peter

Can I get help with this small pyrenomycete please

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Literature search
Mirek Gryc, 28-10-2020 12:04

I am looking for any descriptions of Tricharinopsis (Tricharina) herinkii.
Thank you in advance
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 28-10-2020 13:02
Mirek Gryc, 28-10-2020 13:14
Re : Literature search
Hi Nicolas
Unfortunately, I don't have access :)
If you can, please give me the spore dimensions to be for this species.
Martin Bemmann, 28-10-2020 19:34
Martin Bemmann
Re : Literature search
Hi Nico,

there seems to be a problem, the file is not accessible, not even as a member.


Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 28-10-2020 19:36
Re : Literature search
Problem resolved.
And the document had been privately sent.