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23-10-2020 12:57

Marek Wolkowycki Marek Wolkowycki

Hello Bia?owie?a Primeval Forest on live shoots o

26-10-2020 09:58


Hi.Here is the tiny white discomycete (~0.1 mm Ø)

25-10-2020 17:53

Guy Buddy

Good day,This fungus was fruiting abundantly from

26-10-2020 07:48

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola, esta muestra estaba sobre tallos de Angelica

25-10-2020 12:35

Juuso Äikäs

These were growing on a low branch of a deciduous

25-10-2020 18:32

Mirek Gryc

HelloSomeone help?Mirek

23-10-2020 21:50

Dirk Baert

Hello,I fund this Helicoon spec. on rot wood.anyon

24-10-2020 14:28

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De esta mañana recolectada  en acicullas de abet

23-10-2020 12:02

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud

Hi, I found small white-cream colonies on decaying

23-10-2020 19:45

Angel Pintos Angel Pintos

Hello, anybody have:?Kohlmeyer, J. and Kohlmeyer,

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Juuso Äikäs, 18-10-2020 08:23
These were growing on dung of some animal on the edge of a rock outcrop. 

The spores measured 15.4-16.5 x 8.2-9.4 microns and at least some had a gelatinous sheath.

I didn't find much info about the genus, but my guess would be P. cervaria. Any thoughts?
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Jacky Launoy, 18-10-2020 10:31
Re : Pseudombrophila
Juuso perhaps this can help you.
Brummelen (1995) A wotld monograph of the Pseudoombrophila_ocr.pdf
Juuso Äikäs, 18-10-2020 11:22
Re : Pseudombrophila
I stumbled on that work when looking for info but I don't have it.