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28-05-2020 21:28

Marek Capoun

Hello everybody,I need help with a determination o

29-05-2020 11:28

Maria Plekkenpol

Hello, on cowdung I saw these whitish asco's. Foll

29-05-2020 20:14

Maren Kamke Maren Kamke

Good evening,A pyrenomycetes-species on rosa sp.,

28-05-2020 11:45

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

Found this hairless orange operculate fungi larges

29-05-2020 14:08

Louis DENY

Bonjour forum,Dans un endroit humide, sur feuille

14-03-2014 18:08

Roland Labbé

Bonjour ! Voici un Roseodiscus subcaneus probable

28-05-2020 10:46

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola. Aunque no es el Foro más adecuado para el t

16-05-2020 12:30

Hans Halbwachs

Dear all, I have found quite a few spores in Balti

18-12-2019 13:39

Peter Thompson

Hello Everyone,I have found what appears to be an

24-05-2020 22:36

Joop van der Lee

The reason why I post all these different characte

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Literature search Coniochaeta
Gao Hanxing, 24-10-2019 05:28
Dear all,
I am looking for the following document: 1. Udagawa, S., and K. Furuya. "Poroconiochaeta, a new genus of the Coniochaetaceae." Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan (1979). 2. Yokoyama, T., and T. Ito. "A new species of Coniochaeta from Japanese soils." Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan (Japan) (1988).
Thanks in advance
Jacques Fournier, 25-10-2019 14:19
Jacques Fournier
Re : Literature search Coniochaeta
Hello Gao,

I am sending you privately the first paper. I unfortunately do not have the other one.

Good luck,

Gao Hanxing, 29-10-2019 03:43
Re : Literature search Coniochaeta

Many thanks for the paper.

Besti wishes,