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Elisabeth Stöckli

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DirkW DirkW

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Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

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Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

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Sporormia fimetaria?
Yulia Lytvynenko, 12-10-2019 16:25
Dear friends.
I have one sample of the Sporormia with 16-spores ascospores on deer dung from Ukraine. Asci 51-68 × 11-12.5 ?m, ascospores 36.4-41.9 × 2.8-3.4 ?m.
This should be Sporormia fimetaria de Not. s. str. Since Sporomia fimetaria de Not. sensu Ahmed & Cain is characterized by larger sizes of ascospores and asci. Or is it a completely different species?
I got acquainted with Richardson's arguments on this subject (M. J. Richardson, 1999), but they left more questions than answers.
Or, maybe, S. fimelaria could be regarded as a taxon with very variable ascus and spore sizes?
I also wanted to clarify if anyone has a description of Sporormia nepalensis Udagawa & Y. Sugiy.? Or perhaps a copy of this work: Udagawa S., Sugiyama Y. (1982). New records and new species of ascomycetous microfungi from Nepal. A preliminary report on the expedition of 1980. – Rep. Cryptog. Study Nepal. March 1982 (Miscell. Publ. Nat. Sci. Mus., Tokyo): 11-46.
Kindly regards, Yulia
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Michel Delpont, 12-10-2019 18:59
Michel Delpont
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Hello Yulia.

Indeed, I think this species is quite variable; I give you what I have as comparison: RS Khan & RF Cain speaks in their article (1978) of asci with 16 or 20 spores and gives 50-57 (60) X 3,5-4,5 (5, 5) ?m for measurements. Most recent (2009) J.Chang & Y.Wang gives for spores 41-53 x 3-5 ?m. (see copies). I'm sorry for the items you're asking for, I do not have them, but I'm interested too.


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Marcel Vega, 12-10-2019 22:23
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Hi Yulia,
no idea where to find the docs you requested but Cybertruffle should be one of the first sites to look for literature.
You might check:
Peter Püwert, 13-10-2019 11:46
Peter Püwert
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Hi Yulia,

here a link about Sp. fimetaria with own measures. The article Khan et Cain I send You with e- mail.

Greetings Peter.

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Yulia Lytvynenko, 13-10-2019 15:35
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Dear Michel!
Thanks for your comment and copies. If I get a copy of the Udagawa & Sugiyama article, I will forward it to you.
Yulia Lytvynenko, 13-10-2019 15:39
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Dear Marcel!
Thanks for the info and link! From it, I found data on some literary sources that I did not know about before.
Yulia Lytvynenko, 13-10-2019 16:27
Re : Sporormia fimetaria?
Dear Peter.
Thanks for the link! I read the comments there with interest.
Regarding Khan&Cain's article. I have their work "The genera Sporormiella et Sporormia in east Africa". But this publication was in 1979. Does this mean that there was another article published in 1978?