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21-09-2018 23:44

Edouard Evangelisti Edouard Evangelisti

Bonjour le forum, Pourriez-vous m'aider à confir

13-09-2018 19:17

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear forum, Yesterday I found setous fruit bodies

21-09-2018 15:10

Johan Myhrer

Central sweden in a marsh by a shallow lake I foun

21-09-2018 11:57

Vasileios Kaounas Vasileios Kaounas

At the moment I do not have enough data.Just a fri

18-09-2018 21:28

Jacky Launoy

On moose dung (Alces alces) collected in Sweden (P

19-09-2018 15:30


Bonjour.Je cherche une version digitale de ce docu

19-09-2018 23:11

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Good evening everybody, This afternoon we found s

14-09-2018 21:14

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Hello forum, On rabbit dung I discovered a number

18-09-2018 15:33

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonjour tous Normally I steer clear of this daunt

18-09-2018 14:10

Savic Dragisa

Is this Pachyella punctispora? I found it on a dam

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Cheilymenia ?
Nivalys Sylvain, 03-03-2018 07:52
Nivalys SylvainBonjour à tous !

Voici un asco observé l'été dernier dans les Pyérénées sur bouse de vache, pour lequel j'aurai bien besoin de votre aide...

Observés sur bouse en prairie, à Quérigut (09), le 30 juillet 2017. Altitude 1.500 m.

Spores : 14,5-17,2 x 6,9-7,6 µm.


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Nivalys Sylvain, 07-03-2018 07:58
Nivalys Sylvain
Re : Cheilymenia ?
up !
Viktorie Halasu, 07-03-2018 08:16
Viktorie Halasu
Re : Cheilymenia ?
Hello Sylvain,

although I have no experience beyond C. vitellina with this genus, for determining Cheilymenia it would be necessary to know if there is any spore ornamentation and how it looks like (longitudinally striate, verrucose, ...), the length of the marginal hairs, probably also how the hair bases look like and if there are any stellate hairs present (stellate hairs = two or more hairs originating from the same basal cell). Spore ornamentation needs to be checked under oil immersion (it's very fine) and on spores that turn yellowish inside in cotton blue (those stained blue inside are immature). 


Nivalys Sylvain, 09-03-2018 08:35
Nivalys Sylvain
Re : Cheilymenia ?
Thank you Viktorie for these explanations which will be useful for the future !