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19-06-2018 21:45


Bonsoir à toutes et tous, Je n'arrive pas à voi

18-06-2018 04:55

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Sur tige morte de Gentiana lutea, en compa

19-06-2018 09:47

Greiff Georges

Hi all, I encountered this yesterday and think it

19-06-2018 09:34

Greiff Georges

Found on rotting twigs in wet woodland. Fruits wh

18-06-2018 19:50

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Trouvé sur feuille de Rubus (à 965m, R

18-06-2018 13:54

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Esta posible Peziza en bosque de  piceas,  sobre

18-06-2018 13:56

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

en bosque de abetos,  sobre tierra   ...  A v

11-06-2018 20:34

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir,Sur tige morte de plante, probablement d'A

18-05-2018 18:38

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

Hello,Found 17-05-2018, The Netherlands.On: Phragm

17-06-2018 00:36

Alan Rockefeller Alan Rockefeller

Looks like what is passing for Caloscypha fulgens

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literature request
Pintos Angel, 13-09-2017 18:04
Pintos AngelHello, someone has any of the following items?

Apiospora buddlejae Sousa da Câmara & A.T. Vasconc., Agron. lusit. 17(2-4): 94 (1955)

Apiospora camarae M.T. Lucas, Agron. lusit. 18(2): 111 (1956)

Apiospora imperatae (Rehm) Bat. & A.F. Vital, Anais Soc. Biol. Pernambuco 15(2): 489 (1957)

Apiospora phyllostachydicola I. Hino & Katum., Bull. Faculty of Agriculture, Yamaguchi University

15: 506 (1964)
Apiospora rubi-fruticosi f. minuscula Dias & Sousa da Câmara, Agron. lusit. 17(2-4): 102 (1955)

in any case, thank you very much for the help


Joao Baptista-Ferreira, 27-09-2017 01:35
Re : literature request
Dear Angel,
Here are the pages of Agronomia Lusitana you asked for. I took some time to answer to your request because those volumes where in my old archive.
Best regards,
Pintos Angel, 27-09-2017 09:34
Pintos Angel
Re : literature request
Thank you very much Jose, I already thought that I would not get them

muito obrigado

Martin Bemmann, 27-09-2017 09:42
Martin Bemmann
Re : literature request
For A. imperatae the pdf is here:

On this website all publications of Batista can be found.
Pintos Angel, 27-09-2017 09:50
Pintos Angel
Re : literature request
Hi Martin, You are an open library.
I am very grateful
Thank you so much Angel