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Salut a tous!Anybody out there, who made experienc

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Bonsoir, Trouvé sur branche morte aérienne d'un

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Bonjour à tous.Sur branche (alnus?), en bordure d

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Because some of us do think that T. minuta is a st

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The reason why I post all these different characte

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I visited a small swamp and found these growing on

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peritheciawall does not react in koh. Spores 22-2

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Hi there, at the beginning of May I found this Py

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Hi to everybodyThese superficial globulose or barr

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Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... found in Northern Germany (Brandenburg, Schorf

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Cosmospora sp
Christian Lechat, 13-06-2008 08:16
Christian LechatI would like to know your opinion about a collection of Cosmospora on 03.05.2008 in French Guiana, Saül, Sentier des Gros Arbres, on rotting bark, mixed with Neonectria jungneri, Haematonectria cf. haematococca, Cosmospora chaetopsinae-polyblastiae, Ophionectria trichospora, Viridispora alata and Bionectria sp.
There are several genera on this bark and it's difficult to study.
Only very minute ascomata of Cosmospora are isolated.

Cosmospora sp.:
Ascomata non stromatic,160-200µm hight and 100-130µm wide, red orange transluscent, asci and ascospores are visible through the wall. It’s difficult to make a section of perithecial wall but I was able to make one rather correct to measure it.
Perithecial wall 10-12µm wide made of a simple region of ellipsoid or elongate cells thick walled, asci clavate 55-70 x 12-14µm, ascospores 9,5-11 x 4,5-5µm, dark brown, becoming purple in KOH, striate.
Maybe have you an idea?
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