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Mot de passe perdu? S'inscrire

20-07-2018 07:04

Blasco Rafael Blasco Rafael

Hola puede ser la Orbilia que priopongo ??sonre ma

23-07-2018 00:05

Debbie Klein Debbie Klein

My friend Alison Pollack saw and photographed thes

22-07-2018 16:21

Riet van Oosten Riet van Oosten

On Typha, found by a mushroomfriend. Used the key

21-07-2018 22:49

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonsoir, Sur tige morte de Juncus (à 2'300 m), a

21-07-2018 17:32

Uwe Lindemann Uwe Lindemann

Hi Forum, I'm searching for the following paper:Ta

21-07-2018 11:02

Valencia Lopez Francisco Javier

Hola a todos/asTengo estas Escutellinia recolectad

19-07-2018 00:11

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,yesterday i found on ground this ascomyce

20-07-2018 22:52

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello forum,here's another Peziza close to exogela

13-07-2018 17:59

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello forum,we found this small Peziza (5-12 mm di

09-07-2018 20:27

Andgelo Mombert

Bonsoir à tous, Sur tige morte de Adenostyles sp

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Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Steffen Lorenz, 24-07-2016 20:17

I found this probable Cosmospora on another sordariomycete, probably Lasiosphaeria spermoides. But the perithecia of the Nectriaceae species are situated in areas of large decomposition of the Lasiosphaeria. So the actual substrate could also be the wood. It is Fagus sylvatica.

There is also a forest of an anamorph. It covers almost the entire part of the Lasiosphaeria. Possibly this is the anamorph of the Nectriaceae species.

Here are the data:

Perithecia: red, with a conspicuous papilla
Ascospores: 18-25 x 7-8 µm, 1-septate, constricted at the septum, warted, slightly unsymmetrical, tapering at both ends

Conidia: 27-33 x (6,5) 7,5-10 µm, 0-3-septate (mostly 3-septate), slightly curved

I know, that Nectriaceae are not studied sufficiently yet and hard to determine. Is there at least a working name or a species complex, where I can put this collection in?

Best regards

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Steffen Lorenz, 14-08-2016 18:55
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Nobody with an idea?

Christian Lechat, 15-08-2016 05:36
Christian Lechat
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Hi Steffen,
"Cosmospora"  is very difficult without culture and molecular data.
I think your fungus could remain in the "flavoviridis" complex and the conidia that you show are not the asexual state of a Cosmospora.
You should cultivate the ascospores of your fungus to know its asexual state.

Good luke,
Steffen Lorenz, 18-08-2016 21:48
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Hello Christian,

thank you for your answer.
How can I cultivate the ascospores? Is it likely to determine the species knowing both states?

Kind regards
Christian Lechat, 19-08-2016 05:02
Christian Lechat
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Hi Steffen,
here is an abstract of a recent publication explaining how cultivate the ascospores.

Cultures of the living specimen were made on PDA (Potato Dextrose
Agar) with 5 mg/l of streptomycin in Petri dishes 9 cm diam. A mass
of ascospores and asci was removed from a perithecium with a fine
needle and placed in a drop of sterile water that was stirred with a
needle to distribute the elements on the slide. A part of the drop
containing ascospores was placed on PDA using a sterile micropipette,
then the Petri dish was incubated at 25°C.

Steffen Lorenz, 21-08-2016 13:01
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Hello Christian,

thank you. Let's see, I am going to try it.

Steffen Lorenz, 05-10-2017 21:35
Re : Cosmospora on sordariomycete?
Hello Christian,

a friend of mine and I tried to cultivate the anamorph of the fungi. He works at a laboratory. We used CPA (Carrot piece agar), which should be one of the most suitible media for macroconidia of Fusarium, and SNA. But both samples were overgrown by Penicillium spec. I think I am not able to get the anamorph. Is there a researcher, who is interested in it? Maybe Amy Rossman, Gary Samuels or you?

Best regards