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09-07-2011 13:43

Hans-Otto Baral Hans-Otto Baral

Hi allI have collected a Nitschkia? near Sheffleld

08-07-2011 22:47

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hello again,I have just one little question: What

06-07-2011 07:34

Joseph Pellicani

A quel saint ou littérature de vouer Dans la litt

04-07-2011 14:22

Jean Pierre Dechaume Jean Pierre Dechaume

Petit asco de 2-2,5 mm maxi, sur terre argileuse d

05-07-2011 21:30

Joseph Pellicani

C'est mon premier envoie sur Asco france J'espère

05-07-2011 14:16

Marja Pennanen

Hello.I found these this morning on my garden rubb

29-06-2011 21:54


Bonjour, J'ai trouvé en grand nombre sur un genê

01-07-2011 23:21

Alex Akulov Alex Akulov

Dear colleaguesBelow are pictures of some samples

01-07-2011 09:23

Alex Akulov Alex Akulov

Today I made a few new pictures of very small disc

01-07-2011 20:47

Alex Akulov Alex Akulov

Dear friends,have you some ideas about species lis

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Hans-Otto Baral, 09-07-2011 13:43
Hans-Otto BaralHi all

I have collected a Nitschkia? near Sheffleld (Yorkshire), on attached branch of a dead Betula standing in a swamp, with aseptate curved biguttulate spores *11-14 x 3.5-3.8 µm, 8-spored asci, and rather small almost smooth apothecia.

N. confertula would be a choice, but the spores are perhaps too long when I compare Virginia's key (Mycologia 96, 2004, p. 915). I did not yet look at the subicular hyphae which are not evident on the macro.

Any idea?

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Hans-Otto Baral, 09-07-2011 13:44
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Nitschkia
Here a view on the peridium
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Hans-Otto Baral, 09-07-2011 13:44
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Nitschkia
Living asci and spores
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Alain GARDIENNET, 09-07-2011 17:06
Re : Nitschkia
Hi Zotto,
Yes spores too long for confertula, too wide for cupularis... perhaps closer of cupularis than confertula ?
If the outer cells of the peridium are prolonged into pointed spines, it could be N. brevisipina.
Hans-Otto Baral, 09-07-2011 21:10
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Nitschkia
Hi Alain

I am sorry I dod not keep the specimen. On my photo it is clear that there are no spines , only black-brown, somewhat protruding cells.

My impression is that the spores of N. collapsa are 1-septate already when inside the living asci. I do not think this here is not mature enough, though the spores might change in an overmature stage.