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13-03-2010 11:15

Uwe Lindemann Uwe Lindemann

Hello Forum, at the end of the last year I found

12-03-2010 23:24


Bonsoir à tous Votre aide me sera précieuse car

12-03-2010 18:44


Bonjour à tous, Je vous fais part d'une cueillet

12-03-2010 13:50

Guy Garcia

Bonjour à tous, Avec Zotto nous essayons de join

11-03-2010 06:08

Roland Labbé

Bonjour ! Voici un disco rose que nous pensons ê

10-03-2010 23:18

Luc Bailly Luc Bailly

Bonsoir à tous, Une autre récolte de la rése

10-03-2010 22:07

Gernot Friebes

Hi, next to my pyreno with muriform spores I fo

10-03-2010 05:09

herman lambert

Bonjour, voici ce que je crois être Helvella atr

09-03-2010 23:17

Gernot Friebes

Hi, I were not able to determine this very beau

08-03-2010 18:02

Luc Bailly Luc Bailly

Sur brindille morte de Pinus sylvestris, réc. 27.

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Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Uwe Lindemann, 13-03-2010 11:15
Uwe LindemannHello Forum,
at the end of the last year I found a little hyaline disco on Rubus fruticosus agg. which I cannot determine (see attached document). I think it's a member of the Hyaloscyphaceae but I am not sure about the genus. Is it a Hyaloscypha or Phialina or ...? I don't know. I would be very happy if you can give me some help.

Hans-Otto Baral, 13-03-2010 13:20
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Hi Uwe

das ist Unguiculella eurotioides. The species is a bit variable, but I think yours fits quite well. But the paraphyses should also be hooked! Perhaps you can verify this?

And the asci should be wit croziers, what could be possible in your case.

Martin Bemmann, 13-03-2010 14:20
Martin Bemmann
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Hi Uwe,

did you notice any pyrenos with it? On your macro is something black visible. I had a find of U.e. on hedera in January together with a Lophiostoma.

Uwe Lindemann, 13-03-2010 14:25
Uwe Lindemann
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Hi Zotto, thank you very much for your fast reply!
Unguiculella eurotioides fits well to my collection, but I cannot verify wether the paraphyses are hooked or not because the exsiccate is lost. But some of the "hairs" on my photos are not looking like other hairs ;-)
What do you think about the IKI-negative-reaction of the asci in my collection? According to Raitviir 2004 (p.114) the Ascusporus-reaction of U.eurotioides should be blue.
Best, Uwe
Uwe Lindemann, 13-03-2010 14:30
Uwe Lindemann
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Hi Martin,
some minutes ago I read your interesting posting at PilzePilze from january.
There is mabye a pyreno on my Rubus-twig but I can't verify it. The exsiccate is lost.
Best, Uwe
Hans-Otto Baral, 13-03-2010 18:55
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
This is strange that Raitviir says MLZ blue for all 4 trated species of Unguiculella. I have quite often seen U. eurotioides, and it was always IKI-. The same for U. hamulata which I saw several times.

Dennis 1949, 1978 does not tell us about the iodine reaction in Unguiculella, but in Sharma & Arendholz 1986 (Mycotaxon 25: 136) the reaction in U. eurotioides is "J-".

Uwe Lindemann, 13-03-2010 19:13
Uwe Lindemann
Re:Hyaloscypha? Phialina?
Thank you for your additional explanation!
Best, Uwe