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28-10-2008 08:56


Hello in the all company. The following type was f

26-10-2008 22:49


Une récolte sur Ulex que je rapporte, au vu de la

24-10-2008 02:26

christian Deconchat

bonjour, j'ai trouvé sur polypore (Dedaleopsis

23-10-2008 10:12

Miguel Ãngel Ribes Miguel Ángel Ribes

No consigo encontrar un Ascobolus con estas medida

23-10-2008 02:41

Roland Labbé

Nous avons trouvé probablement une espèce de Lac

21-10-2008 15:03

herman lambert

Bonjour, Étant relativement novice pour les as

20-10-2008 17:33

Raúl Tena Lahoz Raúl Tena Lahoz

On Pinus sylvestris needles, found in Cantavieja (

18-10-2008 17:42

Tania Jiménez

Cette "Tapesia" croît aussi sur Cistus (Cistus la

18-10-2008 17:32

Tania Jiménez

J'amarais conaitre votre opinion sur cette Mollisi

17-10-2008 22:49


Bonsoir, Je me demandais si cet asco noir poilu

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Xylaria cupressiformis ?
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 28-10-2008 08:56
Hello in the all company. The following type was found in putrid branch Castanea sativa.Unfortunately I do not have other elements I add
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Jacques Fournier, 28-10-2008 09:03
Jacques Fournier
Re:Xylaria cupressiformis ?
Hi Vasileios,
X. cupressiformis is a rotten name, forget it.
I would be much interested in seeing material from your country. Can you please gently dry the specimen and mail it to the following address?
Jacques Fournier
Las Muros
France 09420 Rimont
NC NC, 28-10-2008 11:42
Re:Xylaria cupressiformis ?
ok !!!
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 28-10-2008 11:42
Re:Xylaria cupressiformis ?
OK !!!
Jacques Fournier, 06-11-2008 14:32
Jacques Fournier
Re:Xylaria cupressiformis ?
Hi Vasileios,
many thanks for the material you sent. The Xylaria is indeed very interesting. It is closely related to X. hypoxylon but may be something a bit different. Unfortunately it is overmature, perithecia are empty or filled with white mycelium, only few ascospores could be found on the surface of the stroma.
I would be interested in any mateial of Xylaria collected in your country, provided it is mature, with asci and mature ascospores. You can check it easily with a hand lens and a razor blade, make a section of the stroma and perithecial contents must be shiny black. Make a slide if you have the opportunity for more evidence.
Regarding the other specimens, they are Discomycetes and I will not be able to help you.
VASILEIOS KAOUNAS, 12-11-2008 09:42
Re:Xylaria cupressiformis ?
THEY IS Xylaria filiformis ?