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30-03-2011 20:12

Marja Pennanen

Hello, I been traveling by bus to get some educ

30-03-2011 14:27


Bonjour à tous, Dans un vieux message, Christia

29-03-2011 22:18

Mejia Luis

Dear friends, Attached is an article on Plagios

29-03-2011 21:31

Amy Rossman

Dear Ascofrance Folks, Some years ago Lisa Cast

29-03-2011 15:18

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hello again, it seems as if there is an infinit

29-03-2011 12:49

Yannick Mourgues Yannick Mourgues

Bonjour. Tiens, c'est marrant : je l'ai trouvé e

28-03-2011 19:50

Jean Pierre Dechaume Jean Pierre Dechaume

Erompant, sur tiges mortes de Genista scoparia, 1

28-03-2011 18:30


Bonjour, Trouvé sur herbe d'eau par un collègue

27-03-2011 13:17

Marja Pennanen

Hello folks, once again I'm in trouble. I fou

26-03-2011 22:53

Björn Wergen Björn Wergen

Hi again, before I take new photos of the "myst

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Cistella geelmuydenii?
Marja Pennanen, 30-03-2011 20:12

I been traveling by bus to get some education in Joensuu. Near the bus stop I picked a Tilia stem, which had something growing on it. These are about 0,1-0,4 mm wide:
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Marja Pennanen, 30-03-2011 20:14
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
The spores are about 6-10x1,5-2,5:
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Marja Pennanen, 30-03-2011 20:17
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
The asci are about 30-35x4-7, croziers are a strong option ;)
I can't say anything about IKI reaction, even if I tried to see it :(
Paraphyses are quite narrow, about 1,5 wide.
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Marja Pennanen, 30-03-2011 20:21
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
The hairs are about 10-20x3-5 cylinrish and got some spines.
I'm not bery proud of this photo.

Can someone confirm my uncertain determination?

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Stip Helleman, 30-03-2011 21:19
Stip Helleman
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
Hi Marja,
it looks a bit like it but i am not sure if it is a Cistella, it could also be some Hyphodiscus species,
geelmuydenii i remember as pure white. H. hymeniophyllus is a option too,this is also a very variable species in IKI reaction.
Can you put the camera back in auto White Balance? ;-)
Marja Pennanen, 31-03-2011 09:09
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
Hi Stip,
thanks, I'll check this again this evening. I just don't know, weather I have any descriptions about Hyphodiscus. I've never found such.

There were some white ones and most were coloured. The yonger ones seems to be whitish.

I think my camera has an auto WB setting on now. I just use led lights instead of the original and the light is blue. I could process images to remove some colours, but it would take too much time for "temporary" photos like these.

Marja Pennanen, 31-03-2011 23:00
Re:Cistella geelmuydenii?
I checked this once again.

And wonders do actually happen, I saw a crozier :)

The hairs can have 1-2 septas, are up to 30 micrometers long and only the top cell is spiny.
when KOH was added, the hairs in the preparate did not change color.

Raitviirs "Revised..." don't seem to include description of a Hyphodiscus like this :-/