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11-01-2022 16:36

Jason Karakehian Jason Karakehian

Hi does anyone have a digital copy of Raitviir A (

22-04-2024 08:54

Rafael Cabral

Bonjour à toutes et tous, Quelqu'un pourrait-il

22-04-2024 20:38

Miguel Ãngel Ribes Miguel Ángel Ribes

Good afternoon.Does anyone know this anamorph?It g

22-04-2024 11:52

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello,I made a loan of a collection of Microstoma

21-04-2024 14:29

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

• Genus Brunnipila: Distinct macro and habitat,

19-04-2024 14:28

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

Cudoniella tenuispora: Distinctive macro and habit

20-04-2024 16:02

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud

Bonjour,On me fait part, pour diffusion d une list

20-04-2024 09:56

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hello.A few apothecia collected on Sunday, April 7

19-04-2024 18:32

Anna Klos

Good evening,I found this Ascobolus on wet soil an

18-04-2024 18:52


Bonjour, J'ai beoin d'éclairage(s) pour ce Daldi

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Swan dung
Malcolm Greaves, 29-02-2024 16:43
Malcolm  GreavesCan someone suggest what this might be. It is developing on Swan dung. It starts out as a white slightly hairy globe. The hairs collect droplets and the surface of the globe goes darker. The final stage is a dark hard shell over a pure white inside. I have not managed to find any asci on the first sample but it might still be too immature.
It looks so unusual I feel sure someone must know the species.Thanks
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Stefan Jakobsson, 29-02-2024 17:09
Re : Swan dung
Possibly sclerotia of Coprinopsis tuberosus or C. sclerotiorum.
Malcolm Greaves, 29-02-2024 17:30
Malcolm  Greaves
Re : Swan dung
Thanks Stefan I will keep a watch on it and see how it develops