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29-07-2019 08:08

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Hello, anybody hasGutner, L.S. (1927) Life history

29-07-2019 09:53


Bonjour, Quelqu'un aurait-il de la doc (avec une

28-07-2019 12:19

Glew David

Thank you for accepting me to the site. I am a ne

26-07-2019 13:26

Joop van der Lee

I am looking for the following documents:Barrasa,

27-07-2019 13:35

DirkW DirkW

salut a tous,anybody withPaulsen M.D., Dissing H.

26-07-2019 15:18

Guy Buddy

I have no idea.  Spores are ~ 55 x 6.5 um.

27-07-2019 10:19

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Hello again I need this two works of HughesHughes,

27-07-2019 11:39

Georges Greiff

Hello, I am looking for the following paper that

27-07-2019 08:41

Pintos Angel Pintos Angel

Hello anybody has this article?Hughes, S.J. (1958)

24-07-2019 05:45

Yulia Lytvynenko

Dear friends.Looking for a copy of the following w

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literature request
Pintos Angel, 29-07-2019 08:08
Pintos Angel
Hello, anybody has

Gutner, L.S. (1927) Life history of Camptoum curvatum Link, in materials for Mycol. and Phytopath, Leningrad, vi, pp, 801-818 Russian

Martin Bemmann, 29-07-2019 09:30
Martin Bemmann
Re : literature request
Dear Angel,

I don't have it, but page numbers should be 301-313.


Pintos Angel, 29-07-2019 17:20
Pintos Angel
Re : literature request
Yes you are right Matinn I have made a Mistake,
Thanks for your help