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13-10-2010 11:44

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Dear all, some days ago I collected a fragment

30-09-2010 21:47

Raúl Tena Lahoz Raúl Tena Lahoz

On Populus nigra rotten leaves, on August 22, 2010

29-09-2010 22:56

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud

Hi to all, Would anyone help me with this disc

27-09-2010 13:19

Beñat Jeannerot Beñat Jeannerot

Bonjour à tous, J'ai besoin d'avoir des préci

27-09-2010 00:18

Renée Lebeuf

Bonjour à tous, J'ai fait la récolte hier d'

24-09-2010 23:40

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Bonsoir and good evening, I got some collection

24-09-2010 03:37

Renée Lebeuf

Bonjour à tous, J'aimerais bien obtenir votre

22-09-2010 17:29

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Has someone information about Calycellina juniper

21-09-2010 20:43

Michel Delpont Michel Delpont

Bonsoir à tous. N'ayant ni l'ouvrage de Van Br

21-09-2010 12:46

Alex Akulov Alex Akulov

Dear Colleagues. Please advise, what could be the

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White aquatic/semiaquatic
Martin Bemmann, 13-10-2010 11:44
Martin BemmannDear all,

some days ago I collected a fragment of deciduous wood, rotten and decorticated, still hard in the core, lying half submerged in a small clean creek. Among the fungi detectected were Orbilia sarraziniana/luteorubella, Hymenoscyphus cf. imberbis and still a lot more, unknown to me.
Here is the first one:
Ascomata are sessile, gregarious with a whitish soft and gelatinous peridium (like Nectria) < 0,5 mm dm.
Asci are bitunicate, containing 8 spores lying in 2 fascicles.
Spores are elongated fusi- to filiform with tendency to break in the middle, 123x3 µm.

Every suggestion is appreciated!


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Martin Bemmann, 13-10-2010 11:45
Martin Bemmann
Re:White aquatic/semiaquatic
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Martin Bemmann, 13-10-2010 11:46
Martin Bemmann
Re:White aquatic/semiaquatic
Ascus tip in IKI:

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Bernard Declercq, 13-10-2010 14:05
Bernard Declercq
Re:White aquatic/semiaquatic
Tubeufia like species. Maybe T. paludosa?

Martin Bemmann, 13-10-2010 14:22
Martin Bemmann
Re:White aquatic/semiaquatic
Thank you Bernard!
With the keys provided in Rossman 1987 I arrive directly at T. paludosa.

Best regards,