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31-07-2010 00:09

Marja Pennanen

I think, that I finally managed to determine one H

25-07-2010 19:28

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Dear all, today I collected some Hypocreas from

23-07-2010 21:59

Christian Lechat Christian Lechat

Dear friends, you can consult the document about

23-07-2010 14:33

Quijada Luis

Dears researchers, I will try to get a series of p

22-07-2010 23:59

Martin Bemmann Martin Bemmann

Dear all, since some days I enjoy scanning a pi

21-07-2010 13:41

Marja Pennanen

Hello, I've overcollected ascomycetes now after i

20-07-2010 16:26

Marja Pennanen

Hello, I found these on some Carex leaves. They a

20-07-2010 14:30

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi to all: I need your help about this small (up

19-07-2010 15:50

Gernot Friebes

Hi again, here I have the second collection and

19-07-2010 15:39

Gernot Friebes

Hi, Leptosphaeria is a really complicated genus

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Can it be?
Marja Pennanen, 31-07-2010 00:09
I think, that I finally managed to determine one Hyaloscypha.
I've checked many and am nearly always uncertain of the species.
But now this was suprisingly easy:
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Marja Pennanen, 31-07-2010 00:17
Re:Can it be?
These were even 0,5 mm wide and grow on Potentilla palustris.
Spores were about 7-11x1-1,5, asci (20-) 25-35x4-5, IKI+ and paraphyses narrow (1,5-2 micrometers wide).
The hairs were about 17-21x2,5-3 and had something on the tips (photo).
I ended to Hyaloscypha secalina var paludicola.
Second opinions?

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Stip Helleman, 31-07-2010 21:37
Stip Helleman
Re:Can it be?
Hi Marja,
Judging your description secalina var paludosa fits well, unfortunately the photo is not giving more information.
cheers Stip
Marja Pennanen, 01-08-2010 00:21
Re:Can it be?
Thanks Stip,
I've been told, that my camera isn't very good for microphotos.
Here's one more. This gives as much information of the spores as the ealier of hairs ;)

Howdy: Marja
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