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22-02-2011 14:38

Marja Pennanen

Hello folks, I can't show any photos now, camer

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Bonjour, Sur Sorbus aria, entre l'écorce et les

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Bonsoir à tous Vous serait-il possible de confir

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maurice pelissier maurice pelissier

bonjour trouvé à Mayotte ce xylaria (peut ê

19-02-2011 21:17

Javier Ormad

Buenas tardes a todos: Ascomata up to 2 mm in dia

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Gilbert MOYNE

Voici une Helvelle trouvée ce printemps (Juin) so

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Cette fois je suis plus désemparé pour non seule

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Bonjour à tous, Je cherche désespérément à

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Bonjour, Toujours sur vieux Pyreno (le même que

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Pyrenopeziza on Rubus odoratus
Marja Pennanen, 22-02-2011 14:38
Hello folks,

I can't show any photos now, camera is broken.
Anyway I found these 0,5- almoust 1 mm wide fungi today on my yard on Rubus odoratus.
The hymenium is greyish, frozen almoust white.
They are hairy, the hairs are brownish except near margin lighter, septate up to 80x4.
The few spores I saw were nearly cylindric (maybe a little narrower at the other end) 6-8x2-2,5 and asci 40-47x5-6, IKI faintly blue. Cells greyish, roundish, diameter 5-10.
But the paraphyses, could they be immature, because they were in my mind almoust shorter than asci, cylindric and 1-1,5 micrometers wide.
I thought, that it could be Pyrenopeziza rubi, but then found, that P. escharodes can grow on Rubus too.
What's the difference between these?

Hans-Otto Baral, 22-02-2011 17:08
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Pyrenopeziza on Rubus odoratus
This is a difficult question. Cannot much help. Possibly P. escharodes has smaller spores without any ooil drops, P. rubi with distinct drops. Did you see any?

Marja Pennanen, 23-02-2011 07:53
Re:Pyrenopeziza on Rubus odoratus
Hi Zotto,

actually I saw no drops, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. I saw only few spores and my light batteries has lost power.

I've found something like this on Rubus idaeus last march, but couldn't determine them. Funny, but after finding these I went and checked P. rubi first. What may have happened during the year...
So I think, that when it warms up, I can go and pick some P. rubi and compare. We just don't have R. fruticosus growing here, so I can't go and check them too.

Here's a photo of the last years finding on R. idaeus.

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