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02-05-2018 12:20

Edit Szilvásy Edit Szilvásy

Hi Forum,Yesterday I found this asco on rotten bee

22-05-2018 13:21

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en bosque de hayas y avellanos ... no he p

22-05-2018 13:19

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en bosque de hayas y avellanos,   la mad

21-05-2018 22:40


Je pense avoir reconnu Ciboria conformata sur déb

21-05-2018 17:28

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi againAscomata (thyriothecia) small (100-125 mic

21-05-2018 14:13

Jac Gelderblom

Chers amis Sur feuille de Carex j'ai trouvé des

19-05-2018 23:46

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, today i found this asco on a branch (Fa

18-05-2018 17:02

Vasileios Kaounas Vasileios Kaounas

Vvery small, found in leaf of Quercus sp. asci (6

04-02-2012 22:11

Hans-Otto Baral Hans-Otto Baral

Does anybody have a pdf or scan of HAWKSWORTH D.L.

19-05-2018 22:27

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there, some days ago i found this pyreno on Yu

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Niesslia-like Perithecia on Well Rotted Alnus Trunk
Peter Thompson, 13-05-2018 12:43
Hello Everyone,

I have found some tiny, spherical perithecia with short hairs growing on decorticated and well decayed wood from a trunk of Alnus glutinosa.

The hairs are thick walled, dark brown, with bulbous bases and rounded tips. They strongly resemble the rigid hairs of species of Niesslia, typically measuring 82.5 - 92.5 x 5.25 um. 

The spores are 8- 11-septate, filled with tiny drops in all cells and typically measuring 56 - 65 x 8 - 8.5 um. Hyaline and tapering to rounded ends. there are 8 spores per ascus. The ascus tips show no reaction to lugol.

I have attached a photo of the fruit bodies and a micro photo of the hairs, asci and spores.

I wonder if anyone has an idea as to what they might be?

Thank You,
With Best Wishes,

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  • message #53408
Gernot Friebes, 13-05-2018 12:51
Re : Niesslia-like Perithecia on Well Rotted Alnus Trunk
Hi, Peter,

the ascomata and ascospores remind me of Acanthostigma – it might be worth looking into that direction.

Best wishes,
Peter Thompson, 13-05-2018 18:36
Re : Niesslia-like Perithecia on Well Rotted Alnus Trunk
Hello Gernot,

Thank you for your reply.

Acanthostigma is an unfamiliar genus for me, so I have had a look into the options for host type and macro / micro characteristics and I now believe that my sample is A. minutum. 

Thank you for your help.

With Best Wishes,