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Ophiobolus ponticus
Chris Yeates , 18-04-2018 05:50
Genre Ophiobolus
Espèce ponticus
Autorités Petr.
Classe Pezizomycetes
Sous-Classe Pleosporomycetidae
Ordre Pleosporales
Famille Phaeosphaeriaceae
Substrat Centaurea nigra, dead stems
Herbier Hb. CSVY/F/2759
Localité Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Pays Royaume-Uni
Leg. C.S.V. Yeates
Det. C.S.V. Yeates
Date de récolte 08-04-2018
Remarque Note how the swollen cell, while nearly always the fourth one, can be up to the sixth or seventh in (over?)mature ascospores (top right image). Some would place this in the genus Nodulosphaeria. This is the second British record of this fungus. The PDF should zoom to 300% without pixellation.