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  • robusta
Collariella robusta
Chris Yeates , 21-12-2017 04:58
Genre Collariella
Espèce robusta
Autorités (L.M. Ames) X. Wei Wang & Samson
Classe Sordariomycetes
Sous-Classe Sordariomycetidae
Ordre Sordariales
Famille Chaetomiaceae
Substrat Oryctolagus cuniculus dung
Herbier Hb. CSVY/F/2748
Localité near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Pays Royaume-Uni
Leg. C.S.V. Yeates
Det. C.S.V. Yeates
Date de récolte 31-10-2017
Remarque (= Chaetomium robustum L.M. Ames). Note cells of textura prismatica towards apex of perithecial wall, compared with isodiametric textura angulata of lower part.
With thanks to Dr Paul Cannon of RBG Kew for confirmation.